Pinkoya blames the judge for harming him in Top Chef VIP Test

Top Chef VIP

Former Big Brother contestant and last-time Top Chef VIP ouster Jennifer Galvarini attacked the culinary program on Thursday, blaming her departure for giving him bad advice.

According to what he said in a conversation with CHV, chef Benjamin Nast will be responsible for its preparation, because he had considered preparing another dish, but a member of the strict jury changed the menu.

“I think he gave me a bad tip, because I was going to make soup and he told me to look for tuna,” she said, reports Time X.

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However, true to his style, he sent a kiss to her torso, showing that he held no grudges.

“But a kiss for you. “Everything is fine,” said Constanza Cappelli’s former friend.

Similarly, he admitted that his expulsion was not only due to his culinary preparations, but also due to his attitude in the kitchen.

“I think I was put off because I’m a responder, so all of a sudden they tell you you have to defend your money and they get upset when you do that. So I think that’s why I was eliminated, not because I’m a bad cook,” she explained.

Pinkoya was the fourth player to be eliminated from Top Chef

Finally, he sent a message to his teammates who are still in the competition.

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“Encourage them, study hard, always stay calm in the kitchen so they don’t have accidents,” he said.

Pincoya is the fourth participant to leave Top Chef, after Rodrigo Salinas, Trinidad Cerda and Raimundo Alcalde.

Next February 12 the inclusion of Maximo Bolocco, Gisela Gallardo, Marcial Tagle and comedians “Gringo mode on” will be seen on the screens.


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