Pirlo revealed that he signed a contract with Real Madrid

Pirlo revealed that he signed a contract with Real Madrid

The Italian Andrea Pirlocurrent coach of Sampdoriareveals signed a contract with Real Madrid in 2006 he re-signed with Milan when he knew that the Italian team would not be allowed relegation to Serie B by the famous ‘Calciopoli’.

The ‘Calciopoli’the biggest sports scandal in Italian football, a match-fixing network by manipulation of draws by the referee and other pressures that undermined Italian competitiveness, almost causally Pirlo to sign for Real Madrid in 2006. “After ‘Calciopoli’ we just won the World Cup and we don’t know how to continue football in Italy. “I already signed the contract with Real Madrid, but Milan stayed in Serie A and the Champions League and then I signed with the Rossoneri.” he acknowledged in an interview with Radio TV Series A.

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Guardiola’s offer

The Italian, world champion in 2006, also revealed that Barcelona became interested in signing her years later. “During the Joan Gamper Trophy Guardiola called me to his office because he wanted me in Barcelona. At the same time, the idea and possibility of Ibrahimovic coming to Milan was also formed. Finally, Ibra came and I stayed too,” he explained.

Praise for Cristiano

Now he is fighting as a coach to avoid falling to Serie C, but in his time he coached in Juventus and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. “Coaching ‘Juve’ was a great experience. It was a journey with a young and new team; I have no regrets. Cristiano Ronaldo’s training shows you how he became the number one in the world. “He is an ideal professional in everything: from nutrition to recovery, to self-training,” he said.

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