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Pitti, Celebrity Numerologist: Due to health problems, she decided to change her life and start a great transformation

Over time, his predictions became a huge success and established him as the leading numerologist for celebrities. Of Arab origin, known as Veronica Assad-Pitti, numerologist- He is one of the most respected and recognized in his profession in Argentina and many celebrities such as Isabel Macedo, Nicole Newman and Wanda Nara are very grateful for his advice. At the age of 14, curiosity led her to delve into the world of spirituality, although at first she had to hide it from her parents as they did not think it was possible for them to let her follow that path. And now 32 years ago began this “mission” that she considers her life: “Thanks to my great healing impulse, I offered myself to do a spiritual service and to show that there are messages through numbers and history. We are numbers and we vibrate through them, we have many arrivals on this earth and a marked departure.

but in recent times He decided to listen to himself and start a major change internally and externally. Looking back at herself and becoming the woman she wanted to be, she talked to LA NACION about what she’s been through and what her present is like.

How and when did this change in you begin?

-I’ve been doing a lot of important inner work and one day, while doing a little rethinking of health issues, I had some things that weren’t so good and I took a medical consultation. I told him this, this and that it hurts and he sent me to the maxillofacial doctor and I went. But then I started thinking about it from another place. I have a father who is on dialysis, a mother with health problems, a brother with health problems and it seems someone would like history to repeat itself. I have been analyzing myself, I have come from years of hard work, not from a place of pain, I have come from a place of contentment. For many years I worked 100% and it gave me great financial and personal satisfaction, I have books around the world but a quota was pending, my health and I look good.

-and what did you do?

Then I decided, in the second half of my life, because in a few days I’m going to be 46, to be a different woman. I’m a woman who already had her own home, had the world’s books, the local, but now I want to feel good about myself, be safe, give myself that space. Obviously you have to keep paying the bills, I have to keep working, trying, keeping the wheel rolling because we all live in a world, a country where people work and do their homework, But it was my turn to interrupt. To say: “Okay, now yes, I’m going to take care of myself.” I would feel fuller as a woman.

– It was an operation, how was that procedure?

I had a maxillofacial operation 5 months ago. I suffered from bruxism, my bite was a bit bad and over the years, stress, routine and adrenaline, it became more complicated for me.

“Now is the time for satisfaction, to feel good and to give it to many women and to tell them that life begins in another phase,” said numerologist Pitti, who is about to turn 46.

How was the recovery and how long did it take you?

I did this intervention and I remained silent for a month and a half. The operation was very strong, not everyone can do it, I lost about 8 kg and that’s where I started. i had a great transformation Because I said “ok, now’s my chance”. I hired a personal trainer and I started off as empty I stopped eating crap for a month and a half because I could only drink liquids through a straw because of the operation. I feel something has happened there, like a great change, detoxification of the body and that’s where I started everything. I did something I’d never done in my life: gymnastics, which is a daily challenge. And now I started eating dinner because I was forced to do some intermittent fasting because I suddenly couldn’t put a whole bunch of food back into my body. Everything went slowly, learning to eat again etc. I’m starting a very quiet dinner.

Who supports you in this transformation? Do you have a nutritionist?

I don’t have a nutritionist, I only go to the gym twice a week, but I walk the rest of the day. It’s so strong to see me with my new body. I have the blessings of God, it seems that this body is full of life, something crazy, like waking up from a dream. I look at myself and find myself in a body that I feel supports me. I am very happy, I am in a period of great personal satisfaction. Job done with myself and I am going to start the process of enjoying.

What message would you like to give to the people who follow you?

What I want to tell people is that it is possible to make a great sacrifice and nothing comes from above, that they have to make an effort. There is no magic condition, it takes effort, I did it myself, I didn’t consult a nutritionist, but I rolled out the dough with a lot of effort, but I enjoy it. Before, it consumed the entire table and left me in a very negative space.

What does the mirror give you when you look at yourself?

I’m going to tell you something, I realized that when someone has everything in life and I’m not talking about millions, when someone has already given everything away, you have to learn to enjoy it. I am in a moment of joy, we should be grateful. Now is the time to be satisfied, to feel good and to take this to many women and tell them that life begins in another phase and I am very happy.

&Quot;I Look At Myself And Find Myself In A Body That I Feel Supports Me.  I Am Very Happy, I Am In A Period Of Great Personal Satisfaction&Quot;Commented
“I look at myself and I find myself in a body that I feel supports me. I am very happy, I am in a period of great personal satisfaction,” he commented

Talking a little about numerology, which celebrities take advice from you and about what things, love, work…?

I have many celebrities, but I reserve their names because I think sometimes they are left in too much solitude, they are too exposed. From a positive point of view, I always try to help someone, not just a famous person, it just occurred to me that the universe wanted me to be a communicator, like a modern witch, and there’s a lot of people out there. Be popular, but Mrs. Rosa also gets messages through my social networks or live on Instagram, where I listen to people. I do this from a super healthy place, broadcasting that something more exists, that we are not alone in this universe. Anyway, everyone has a job to do, although a part of history is written. I am a completely ordinary Khan who has a gift, I can transmit something to some people, but the responsibility is 100% yours so be careful when the opportunity arises.

– How do you see the figures for 2023?

As a society and as a change, tough years come our way, at least this 2023 is a year where there will be a lot of spiritual life, but people will be a little aggressive as well. Although there will be many people who will raise the flag and start living differently, more and more people are discovering… It’s not about being fat or thin, the zodiac sign you are or the numbers you have , but it’s also to choose what kind of life you want, I try to give a message… I know 2023 is not going to be that easy, one thing I recommend to people the most is to Let’s be the magnet and be careful with what we’re doing, think about what we self-declare as people because that’s what’s going to happen to you and what you’re going to attract. The numbers work to support you so that your energy vibrates 100%, but it will be your responsibility to be who you are meant to be. Same happened with me.

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