Platense won the Classic against Argentina

Platense was once again a capo, Was he highly qualified? It matters little to the Squid fan, who feels comfortable this Saturday A new classic victory against Argentina, Like in 2021, when he returned to the First Division after 22 years of promotion, and angered Bicho at home. This time too 2-0 win has been registered on the same stage.,

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Platense took the classic away from home.  (La Plata Press)

Platense took the classic away from home. (La Plata Press)

in papers, the owner of the house loved, With the prospect of becoming an escort for Atlético Tucumán, he was not only in normal condition, but he also came in three straight matches with an unbeaten record. And in the process, where it matters, she was translating excellence: Gabriel Avalos opened the cataract of the spot in the 23rd minute with a post-shattering blast and Federico Redondo, the son of the former rift of the national team, missed a goal scored under goal, But goals that don’t turn into goals…

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In a different game, the ball stopped immediately after halftime, Benefits to the plates: Bogado takes the corner, Gabriel Vallos combs the ball and goes easy Nicolas Morgantini, who took a 1-0 lead with a header, The mark in the zone didn’t help Bicho.

Logic suggested that the squid, placed along a defensive line of five, which has resulted in him on more than one occasion, would defend himself against the attack of the local. The reality was different: Argentine tried to be the patron of the party and Jack, But Plattens neutralized it on 54 minutes with a goal from his side.: Ayrton Costa, on loan from the Independent, took two defenders away from him, played it to Rodrigo Contreras, returned the wall accordingly and the southeast fired an unattended bomb at angle,

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The two-goal advantage was enormous, led by Gabriel Milito, who posed no threat to the trip (only three of his 11 shots were on target). really, Platen was close to turning a profit -He canceled a goal for offside against Contreras and Mauro Zarate scored a goal after.

When Argentina was high, the squid got wet.  (La Plata Press)

When Argentina was high, the squid got wet. (La Plata Press)

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Once again, the squid took out a badge against the Argentines, that he could not beat him because his opponent returned to the highest category (two losses and two draws). Plattens, even with an eye on average (he climbed up to 22nd, five above relegation), can begin to see the normal: 8th place, seven points off the top,

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