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Platinum Jubilee: People reflect on royal family as Queen celebrates 70 years on throne

If you’re excited about Platinum Jubilee… from donut makers to champagne houses to dog charities my inbox has been bombarded because everyone is getting in on the act.

The first major national celebration since the start of the pandemic, a chance for us to really come out and party together, is undoubtedly a big deal. And don’t forget that we’ve never actually seen anything like this.

No other British monarch has ever ascended the throne and a platinum jubilee has reached 70 years. It will be a huge international event where the focus will be on the Queen again and of course how much we will see her in four days of festivities, after the recent problems with her walk.

But inevitably the world will also be watching his family, and what happened to the Prince Andrew saga and the Sussexes, after a rough time for the Windsor recently. In some ways it will be a test to see how Britain really feels about the monarchy.

“That’s magic, but the world isn’t magic in a minute,” are the words of Francis Bloss, the new landowner at the Jubilee Pub on Queen’s Square in Hemel Hempstead.

The pub is on the Edfield Estate, one of the first towns to visit Elizabeth as Queen in 1952.

Black-and-white footage of the trip takes you back instantly; The plummy voice broadcaster comments on a young half-naked girl standing outside a house as a young glamorous Queen Elizabeth.

The Jubilee Pub opened after that visit, bunting and platinum signs are up on Sunday, but Francis isn’t as excited about the weekend as I expected a homeowner to be.

“I’m looking forward to it because it’s going to bring crowds to the pub, which the hospitality (area) needs in minutes.”

But he adds: “I think there’s going to be a lot of skeptics out there, there’s going to be a lot of people who are thinking it’s two days of extra work.

“I think it’s going to be mixed, because you have all the scandals that come with the royal family. If I were to ask a lot of young people, they wouldn’t care either way, it’s always the older generation now.” Because we have grown up knowing her since she was little”.

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And there’s also a subsistence crisis, he says: “With self-employment you lose two days’ money and that hurts a lot of families”.

Francis Bloss Hemel is the landowner of the Jubilee Pub on Queen’s Square in Hampstead, one of the first towns to visit Elizabeth as Queen in 1952
Jubilee Pub opened after Queen's visit
Jubilee Pub opened after the arrival of the Queen

The royals have shown that there is ‘great stability in a constitutional monarchy’

Donna Ellis, who works behind the bar, is more enthused: “I love Queen, it’s good for the country what we’ve had to do over the years, I think we should all celebrate and make a difference.” Bigger than really”.

After some locals told me that their grandparents lived on the property when the Queen arrived, I ask Stuart Hazlett how her Majesty or her family would react now.

“She’ll be fine,” he tells me. “I don’t know about the rest of them. I guess it all depends on whether he bought a drink or not”. He laughs.

Behind the bar Donna Ellis excited about Platinum Jubilee
Behind the bar Donna Ellis excited about Platinum Jubilee

The monarchy had difficulties navigating during its 70-year reign. Decades of social and political change, the economic troubles of the 1970s provided the backdrop for the Silver Jubilee in 1977, the Golden Jubilee in 2002 came after a decade of drama for the royal family and while there was huge excitement around the Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Only a year ago there were riots in the streets of London.

Historian and author Tessa Dunlop told me that the Queen has always been aware of how important it is for the institution to keep up with the times.

She says: “She has moderated and adapted to the changing times and so has her family. Recently we have seen big social movements, the Me Bhi movement, Black Lives Matter, these impact not only on all of us Are in the news outwardly on stage but often in person.

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“Our lives come up against these different ways of interacting and living with each other, likewise the Queen’s own family.”

But the historian Sir Anthony Seldon says that it has not always been changed for this, adding: “She also lived so long because she herself had an extraordinary intuition as to when and how far to change.

“His advisors, commentators, politicians have been saying ‘Come on time to change your glory’ and sometimes it is and sometimes it is not and knowing when and how far to change the monarchy’s existence And that’s the key to its enduring popularity.”

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In recent years it is again his own family members who have created the most difficulties for the reputation of the institution.

And it seems to have had an effect on a recent poll about royals, which suggests that under 25s are more eager to be elected heads of state.

Peaches Golding is Lord Lieutenant for Bristol, one of dozens of Lord Lieutenants who represent the Queen up and down the country. She still believes that the royal family is winning hearts with their work.

Talking about the various social issues that now make up the majority of her charitable efforts, she tells me: “These are the things that draw us together as a country, from the environment to mental health. subject, I think there is a lot of consistency in a constitutional. Monarchy, Your Majesty has proved it time and again”.

The Queen, humble as ever, doesn’t want the celebration to be all about her, she wants it to be a celebration of what Britain does best: elaborate and spectacular spectacle, and ways for communities to come together to support a chance to recognize each other during the pandemic

But on a weekend where we will look back but inevitably also look to the future, Her Majesty will use those big picture moments to send a clear message to the world, to show us that despite what has happened He has done very well to believe in the competence of his family, his heirs and believe that the monarchy is in safe hands.

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