Plattens turns it around and beat Banfield

Plattens turns it around and beat Banfield

as if by magic Platines It went from showing itself as a sluggish team in the first half to a completely different team in the second half of the game, gaining vigor, intensity and effectiveness. For A turn around defeat that – because of its initial level – seemed inaccessible to the local.

maybe that’s why Mauro Zarate’s scandalous and incorrect response while shouting Tie and CAP. second goal of, But perhaps his fury could be taken as a reflection of the anger that was inherent in de Felipe’s team, which was determined after halftime to reverse 0-1.

Paraguay Benitez’s power in the last half of the first half was the only reason that kept the Platense players excited: In a context in which Zarate very quickly became annoyed and disconnected, and Shore could not find room to reach the right wing, Konzo Benítez alone managed to demand the least defense banfieldCapturing balls – a very frequent resource – and posing a threat on the perimeter of the Cambyses Arch.

Banfield’s command and control of the ball had erased a very passive platen from the playing field, which was on its own territory and with Domingo’s trade and location being the full owner of the leading role, Cabrera’s mobility, extreme The quality of change de Cuadra and Datolo for boundaries. it all disappeared 1-1 . From, Vivas’ team practically did not carry much weight on the field, as if emotionally sunk, possibly influenced by their streak of six dates without being able to win. Too many blows to get strong in the head…

There was evidence of this after parity: Banfield didn’t play much. And the platens reversed their initial sluggishness to reset and change into a heavy one. With the drive and ability of Benítez: able to win from above, pivot and fit but also clever in the action in which Escobar delivered a foolish penalty (The striker was profiled in an unflappable position, with his back to the goal) As Cambes dropped the ball at his feet he made a 2-1 rebound,

If the score is fair? The exact term is “misleading”. That’s why Platense’s victory was generated more by the unforced errors of the opponent than by his merits., Although in Saavedra they celebrate with fists: three points mean a lot. That’s why Undefeated at home extended to eight games, Meanwhile, Vivas, meanwhile, needs to get an immediate change, especially since Banfield let an ongoing win slip away.

Battle of Zarate with a Platista of Platense