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Thursday, April 15, 2021

PM Modi released the Hindi version of Harekrishna Mahtab’s book, said – Odisha’s history will reach the country

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new Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the Hindi version of the book ‘Odisha History’ written by Dr. Harekrishna Mahatab. On this occasion, the PM said that it is written in the role of this book that Dr. Harekrishna Mahatab ji was the person who made history, saw history being made and also wrote history. Such great men themselves are important chapters in history. Mahatab ji devoted his life to the freedom struggle and was sentenced to prison.

The Prime Minister said, “Today’s people’s representatives may be surprised to learn that the party from which he (Harekrishna Mahtab) became CM, opposed him during the Emergency and went to jail.” He was a rare leader who went to jail to save his democracy along with the independence of the country. “He said,” About a year and a half ago, we all celebrated the one and twentieth birth anniversary of ‘Utkal Kesari’ Harekrishna Mahatab ji. Was celebrated Today we are releasing the Hindi version of his famous book ‘Odisha History’. The extensive and diverse history of Odisha reaches the people of the country, it is very important. ”

He said, “History is not only a chapter of the past, but also a mirror of the future. Keeping this idea in front, today the country is rejuvenating the history of independence in Amrit Mahotsav. From Pike Sangram, Ganjam Movement and Larja Kolh Movement to Sambalpur Sangram, the land of Odisha always gave new energy to the flame of revolution against foreign rule. How many fighters were put by the British in jails, yatana, but the freedom struggle was not reduced. The book is published in the year when the nation is celebrating the Amrit Festival of Independence. This year also marks 100 years of the event when Harekrishna Mahatab left college and joined the freedom struggle. When Gandhiji started the Dandi Yatra, he led the movement in Odisha. ”

PM Modi said, “You explore the past of Odisha, you will see that in it we also get to see the historical potential of Odisha as well as the whole of India.” This ability written in history is linked to the present and future possibilities, guiding us for the future. Infrastructure is the first need for business and industries. Today, thousands of km of national highways are being built in Odisha, coastal highways are being constructed which will connect the ports. Hundreds of new railway lines have been laid in the last 6-7 years.


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