Pokemon Go: Limited research and 5 new quests for steel event – which ones are worth it?

Pokemon Go: Limited research and 5 new quests for steel event - which ones are worth it?

Starting today, September 16th, 2022, the big steel event “Test Your Nerves” will run in Pokemon Go and bring you limited research and new discoveries. At MeinMMO we have seen the actions and rewards behind them.

What is this research? With the introduction of the “Test Your Nerves” of Steel event, Niantic unlocks a new limited-time research for you in Pokémon Go. You can find these in your “Today” scene in the game and solve them there throughout the event.

In addition, there are new event quests on PokéStops that will earn you event-related rewards.

When is the Steel Event going on? The Steel Event “Test Your Nerves” runs from September 16, 2022 at 10:00 local time until September 21, 2022 at 20:00 local time.

Test Your Nerve Limited Research

As you already know from other events in the past, Niantic will offer you the so-called limited research as part of the Steel Event. It is activated only during the duration of the event and therefore can only be resolved during this time. Therefore, you must definitely remember to collect your rewards in good time so that they do not expire.

Limited research will focus on catching steel Pokémon, but special throwing skills are also required. A total of 2 task boards await you, each containing 6 different quests. We’ve summarized all the content of limited research for you using the LeakDuck overview below.

Timed Research “Test Your Nerves” 1/2

Work Prize
Catch 25 Steel-Type Pokémon 25 Pokéballs
2 km. run encounter with onyx
land 15 good throws 20 Super Balls
Land 10 Brilliant Throw 10 Hyper Balls
Land throws 5 curveballs 10 Sannabiren
Use 10 Berries when catching a Pokemon 25 Mega Energy for Agron

Tier Reward: Once you’ve completed all the tasks on this board and collected rewards, you’ll also receive a Magnetic Lure Module, 2,500 XP, and an encounter with Togedemaru.

Timed Research “Test Your Nerves” 2/2

Work Prize
Catch 25 Steel-Type Pokémon 25 Pokéballs
Land throws 15 curveballs 3 golden raspberries
Evolve 3 Steel-Type Pokémon 20 Super Balls
Land 5 Brilliant Throw Encounter with Tanhel
Catch 5 different types of Steel-type Pokémon Encounter with Alola Sandan
Snap 5 Different Steel-Type Pokémon in the Wild 1,000 stardust

Tier Reward: If you’ve solved all the tasks on this board and collected the rewards, you’ll also receive 50 Mega Energy for Agron, 50 Candy for Stolunier, and an encounter with Stolunier.

These are the new steel event quests

In addition to limited research, you’ll also receive a total of 5 different new area researches on PokéStops during the Steel Event. To protect them, all you have to do is turn on Photo Disc. As with September’s field research, the tasks will be displayed in the game’s “Fields” view, which you can access by clicking on the binoculars.

Unlike time bound research, you have unlimited time to complete these tasks. So you can save them during the event and still work on them in your spare time after it’s over. However, keep in mind that you can’t have more than 4 unsolved searches at the same time.

Similar to time-limited research tasks, you must also catch and evolve Pokémon and power-ups in field research. The following content awaits you (via leekduck.com).

Work Prize
catch 5 pokemon meeting with
magnetillo* or
nasgnat* or
Caste Period*
catch 10 pokemon meeting with
rotomurf or
catch 15 pokemon meeting with
make 5 powerups in pokemon meeting with
Evolve 2 steel-type pokemon for 50 mega energy
steelix or

Which discoveries are most valuable?

One or another interesting Pokémon can be found in rewards for new research tasks, which is why you should secure these tasks. We’ve summarized below which ones are particularly worthwhile.

Catch 15 Pokémon: In this quest you can get the steel Pokemon Tanshell. It can be further developed from Metang through Metagross, which is one of the best steel attackers in Pokemon Go. And Metagross is also one of the best psycho attackers in the raid.

On the other hand, if you’re still looking for a candidate to master league in PvP battles, Metagross is also an option. According to PvPoke’s ranking, it ranks 31st there, along with Bullet Punch, Star Punch and Earthquake (via pvpoke.com).

The task is also quick and easy to solve. Plus, there’s only one bounty behind this quest, so you’re guaranteed an encounter with Tanhel. With a little luck, you might even get a dazzling specimen.

Metagross as Normal (left) and Shiny (right)

Catch 10 Pokemon: You can secure a stronger Pokémon by catching 10 Pokémon through this task. Rotomurf can evolve into the Ground and Steel Pokémon Stalobor, one of the best attackers in Pokémon Go. In the Go Battle League, it plays midfield and is the only substitute in the Master League.

This task can basically be solved very quickly, but the rotomorph is not necessarily sure of the reward. After completing the task, you may also encounter Tanja.

It is not particularly strong and its further development may only return Frostelka to average values. For this reason it is less interesting for raids and in PvP leagues. That’s why it takes a little luck to face Rotomurf.


Evolve 2 steel pokemon: This quest allows you to get Mega Energy for Mega Steelix or Mega Scissor. This is especially interesting for trainers who regularly rely on their Mega Evolution. This gives you a chance to get extra energy quickly.

Create 5 powerups in Pokemon: With the help of this quest, the electric and steel Pokémon Togedemaru is waiting for you. The 7th game generation Monster Steel comes into play for the event and can also be found in the wild and in raids outside research.

However, their prices are average. This means it cannot compete with other electric and steel-type bombers. Therefore it is not interesting for use in raids. And even in the Go Battle League, it only manages to finish 57th in the Super League (via pvpoke.com). Since this is new to the sport, it may still be interesting to one or the other instructor.

Catch 5 Pokemon: Pokemon Magnetillo, Nasgant and Kastdur are behind this task. Of these, Magnetillo is particularly interesting because it evolves into Magnezone, one of the best steel attackers in the game.

However, since you can’t guarantee that you’ll find this monster through a quest, you must rely on Tanhel. Metagross is even better than Magnezone.

As for the GO Battle League, Kastadur also lends itself to this task. Its evolution ranks 37th in the Hyperleague with the moves of the Tentacle, Bullet Seed, Leaf Scourge and Flash Cannon.

How are you liking the Steel Event quests and limited time quests? Which monster are you sure you want to protect? Let us know more in the comments here on MeinMMO.

There’s a lot more coming to Pokémon Go in the coming weeks. We’ll show you all the events and which ones are especially meaningful.