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‘Poker Face’: Russell Crowe wants to make interesting films without knowing that trying is the first step towards failure

‘Poker Face’ Should Be Studied In All Film Universities: It’s A Master Lesson How Should A Producer Tell A Star Director “It’s Not Working Out”, And it is that Russell Crowe’s tape is one of the most incredible feature films of recent years. Note: “incredible” not as a positive word, but as a descriptive word. You cannot believe what you are seeing is happening right in front of you.

a poker player of disaster

For a movie that bases its hype and hallmarks on poker, There is surprisingly little card play in ‘Poker Face’. What’s more: Russell Crowe fears his own argument based on a friendly game full of moral judgments, and instead of playing a good game wisely decides to take a few extra turns using the art of the middle and turning the tape into something that’s seriously impossible to watch.

Let’s start with the fact that Russell Crowe, now in his sixties, has decided to hire Liam Hemsworth, 32, as the interpreter for one of his great childhood friends. No Explanation: A millionaire gathers his childhood friends to see what life is like for them as they approach maturity, and one of them is pipiolo, This is an example of complete impunity for the actor and the director. Make the most absurd decisions in a plot that has neither heads nor tails.

Poker Face 1

At the beginning of the film, we are introduced to the various friends of the character Jake, played by Crowe, and are told that they each have a secret. but The film doesn’t even care much to bring closure to these plots. and finally without much premise the secrets are dropping throughout the footage, reaching An ending that would have required a lot of rewriting to be filmed. However, he’s pulled it off, hoping the public’s benevolence—I assure you—will not be up to the job.

medial ladder

even if the study on the current audience is correct and in fact we can’t care for longThe mantra of trying not to be boring under any circumstances has also been taken very seriously by the film. What’s more, it would almost be said that he suffers from TikTok syndrome: don’t you like what you’re seeing? Don’t worry, Very soon we will change characters, rhythms, styles and even history.


Throughout the film we will have teenage adventures in the style of ‘Count on Me’, reunion, mystery, friendship, moral problems, action, adventure, heist and even forbidden romanceAll this in just one hour and twenty minutes. No one knows what ‘Poker Face’ wants to say (not even himself) and so it’s hard for him to concentrate. without a defined style, plot, or tone, it’s more like an audiovisual merry-go-round Compared to a proper movie.

As an example, A Button: After a summer prologue in which the friends learned to play poker, we see a millionaire go to a spiritual retreat to train body and soul and get a truth serum That in small amounts it disintegrates but with a few more drops it can kill. Later, the man organizes a gathering of friends because he is dying and wants everyone to feel his painSo he sets them up with a poker game to gamble their money, but he also ingests the truth serum they found earlier. By the time the film gets underway, the ambiguity of the plot has already knocked us over.

full of nothing

Not everything is negative: the third act has ten or fifteen minutes where it gains interest, despite the fact that it offers no surprises and is already too late. It has a certain flair as an action movie, and Crowe handles himself beautifully as a man alone in the face of danger. Not that it’s all that different in the current movie maelstrom, but it’s ‘Citizen Kane’ compared to the rest of the movie: At least the script is focused, has a purpose and a steady tone.

Sadly, if the best thing that can be said about a movie is “the script is focused for ten minutes”, you’ve already guessed The rest of the footage is not a permanent work of art. ‘Poker Face’ tries to surprise at all costs and stakes everything on the turn, without understanding that in order to surprise the audience, they have to at least believe the characters they see on screen. Yes they are real. without that minimum Whatever happens to them is not going to evoke any kind of sensation or emotion.

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it’s funny because Crowe is not new to directing (His credits are ‘The Water Teacher’ and ‘Texas’), but as a screenwriter. And it shows: He needed at least one experienced partner to guide him so that the movie doesn’t become the Hindenburg disaster that it is. a slow death in which every narrative decision made is the worst possible, with twists that only get tangled up in themselves and are clumsy in their execution. Of course, this time he hasn’t been dealt the good cards and doesn’t know what to do with his hand, so he decides to throw them away hoping for a miracle. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t happen.

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