Police foiled suspected convoy going to Windsor

Windsor Police say a suspicious convoy trying to retake Ambassador Bridge was foiled by police before they could cross the border.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens provided an update on Wednesday on the current security situation and ongoing police presence at Huron Church Road with Windsor Police Chief Pam Mizuno and Deputy Chief Jason Bellaire. It can be found on the City of Windsor Facebook page.

Mizuno says a suspicious convoy from Ottawa was intercepted within the past 24 hours and stopped before reaching Windsor.

Mizuno says a risk remains that forces action from all levels of government.

“When the time comes to return to normalcy, it will be a decision for the integrated law enforcement campaign to decide,” Dilkens says. He indicated on Tuesday that it may take a few weeks for normalcy to return.

Protesters blockade Huron Church Road on Monday, 7 February. They were protesting the COVID-19 mandate.

A court injunction was issued on Friday, February 11, preventing protesters from crossing the border. The police force increased over the weekend and the border was reopened on Sunday evening.

A total of 90 charges were made, 46 arrests and 37 vehicles seized.

Police put up barricades along the east-west streets at Huron Church to stop the pop-up protest.

A post on Twitter by the police said, “Extensive considerations were made before the police closed the roads to ensure public safety, the ongoing security of the Ambassador Bridge and access to businesses.”

Dilkens says it remains a national security situation that prevents them from reopening Huron Church Road to regular traffic at this time.

Police say the current traffic plan was developed in conjunction with the Essex-Windsor EMS and Windsor Fire to ensure public safety. Closed roads in the area are and will remain accessible only to emergency services.


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