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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Police was banging on the streets, thief found sleeping with 13 crores gold head

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No matter how vicious the criminal is, however, even the claws of the police are not plastic. This has been proved by exposing the incident of theft of crores of gold in Kalkaji area of ​​Delhi, the capital of the country. The police has solved the case of theft of 25 kg of gold. That too with the help of a mobile number. Interestingly, after executing the incident, the thief slept with gold, sleeping at the head of 13 crores. While the police and the jewelery shop owner were sleepy. They were awake day and night in search of thieves and goods, stumbling rate on the streets.

On Thursday, the confirmation of the incident was revealed by the South East Delhi District DCP to the media. The arrested thieves are named Javed (26) and Noor Sikander (25). Both are residents of Bengal. According to the district police, a case was registered in Kalkaji police station in connection with this sensational incident in Anjali Jewelers. The responsibility of revealing the incident was given to SHO Inspector Kalkaji Sandeep Ghai.

Theft was done in a new way

Even in the last 50 years in the National Capital Region, this formula was never tried by any thief, who was tried in this incident. Private security guards guarding Anjali Jewelers were guarding outside the shop. While the thieves emptied the gold shop from inside. The thieves entered the shop by cutting the roof. Therefore, the guard guarding the main entrance of the shop did not even get ear to ear.

When the police started looking for the thieves, the police got some finger prints from the spot. The rest did not think that anything could reach the thieves immediately. Meanwhile, Sub-Inspector Vinod Kumar Meena, who was involved in the team involved in solving this big theft incident, got a mobile number. The call detail record (CDR) of the mobile was reconstructed. So after some time after the incident, the police stopped by going to a mobile number. Last talk was 17 seconds from this mobile.

Success achieved with the help of electronic surveillance

The problem came again when the police found the respective mobile numbers closed. The message sent by the police on a mobile was delivered about one-two hours after the mobile number was found closed. The secret of the success of this entire investigation has been electronic surveillance. As soon as the message was delivered, the police team removed the mobile location. That location was from Karol Bagh area of ​​central Delhi district.

Kalkaji police station teams raided Karol Bagh and apprehended Javed. Noor Alexander got the police on Javed’s behest. Both confessed to the theft. Both are residents of the same village in Bengal. When the police asked Noor Alexander about the stolen gold, he recovered the gold. The thief slept with 25 kg worth of stolen gold under the pillow (headrest).

Executed the incident as a thoughtful strategy

In fact, in the initial phase of the investigation, the police had come to know that Noor Sikandar, who worked temporarily on Anjali Jewelers, has been missing since 9 January 2021. Noor does a small business dealing with diamond pieces at the Alexander-Javed Jewelery Shop. The Kalkaji police believe that Noor Sikandar is the only one behind this big theft incident. The whole planning was done by Noor Sikandar. Since he had to carry out this major incident under a well thought out strategy. That is why he disappeared from 9 January.

Thieves caught in time

According to a highly placed source of the Kalkaji police, accused Noor Sikander was successful in trying to be clever. But he could not save himself after the incident. In the interrogation done by the police teams, the thieves admitted that if they were not caught on Wednesday, then their plan was to run from Rajdhani train to Howrah. If they were successful in doing this, then the police would have to make more papad to reach them. If the police did not reach them in time, the thieves would have put the gold whereabouts.

Delhi Police (Kalkaji Police Station Police) is also surprised at himself that he finally opened the case so soon. Police teams were trembling on Thursday, thinking that if thieves had reached out of Delhi and used to hide their gold, it would have become a big scandal. At the same time, the founding of a number that Nur Sikandar was driving in the hands of the police also proved to be a milestone in the investigation. There are no two opinions in this either.


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