Political scientists have detected slowness in decision making by the Guatemalan government

El presidente Bernardo Arevalo. (Foto Prensa Libre: Bernardo Arévalo)

Next February 15 will be the first month of the government administration of Bernardo Arévalo and his team, but expectations still remain on various issues, although it is already clear that the pace of decision-making has been slow and the appointment of important people to positions. Has been done Political scientists say this reflects the new officials’ lack of experience in public administration, primarily Congress.

For Francisco Quezada, analyst at the National Economic Research Center (CIEN), there is still hope as to whether they will be able to increase confidence in the country’s economic stability, in addition to the fact that there is “Remnants” of promises that are only made during the campaign And let’s hope that they have a thorough understanding of the constraints of public administration so that they can analyze whether what was promised can be delivered or not.

“They have had to appoint flawed officials and this shows that the anti-corruption message was given only during the campaign. He declared, “All governments form these types of coalitions, but they have promised not to do it and I think that has disappointed a lot of people.”


Quezada says that despite this scenario, there is too little time to demand results and they deserve the “benefit of the doubt”, as violence and rates of violence cannot even be evaluated. More time will need to be spent to determine whether security strategies achieve the desired results.

Zaheer Dabroy, analyst at the Association for Research and Social Studies (ASIS), agrees that “the issue of the attacks demands an immediate response from the authorities, the PNC should take ex officio action due to the videos seen on social networks. Social. And You can’t just talk about hard data when people are robbing us on the streets. This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately,” he says.

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Dabroy says that the results of government management can be seen after 6 months, although the inexperience of many government officials means that they adapt to the decisions of more experienced operators or politicians, primarily Congress. With MPs from the National Unity of Hope (UNE) party.

“UNE people position themselves on working committees, the board of directors and articulate the spaces of dialogue. “Although Semilla’s representatives have dynamism and freshness, the experience of others outweighs them, as they have the advantage of years in politics,” he says.

The analyst says there should always be a coupling process within the public administration and that the government still needs to deal with powerful actors, such as union groups and their campaign financiers, who will try to put their own interests first. “If you don’t have the capacity, public administration can be very complex,” he says.

On the other hand, he indicated that although President Bernardo Arévalo had asked for the resignation of Attorney General Consuelo Porras, there had recently been a meeting between Interior Minister Francisco Jiménez and Porras, which according to the analyst was not well received by those Have voted for them. In favor of Arévalo, despite the fact that they are important meetings for better coordination.

Positive action

One of the positive actions of the government, according to former deputy Roberto Alejos, is that they have taken the necessary time to appoint officials from other instances, presumably to avoid errors and unsuitable people in key positions.

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“It’s going to cause frustration in some areas, but until that team is in the right place, “You can’t audit personnel and develop other procedures for decision making,” he says.

“If an officer has already served in another government, there is no need to set him apart, nor is it good to be new to everyone, as those who are already in public administration are advised to That will be how the processes are handled,” he said. Tells.

Regarding the work in Congress, Alejos says that the Semilla Party coalition has worked so far, although he recommends evaluating all personnel working in the legislature, primarily to replace consultants and field directors. For, according to the former deputy, A corrupt regime was formed which comes from the Patriot Party government.

“I save the two directors a lot; If they do not change personnel, it will be difficult for Congress to function, because a representative who has no office or staff or who has the bad influence of inherited staff other than ghost posts will not be able to function. To analyze the legislative initiatives that exist at the moment,” he explains.

“To gain experience you have to learn to work,” Alejos says about parliamentary work that Semilla’s representatives must learn, as the majority do not have experience.

On security issues, the former MP says that points in favor go to the Minister of the Interior, Francisco Jiménez, who already held the post and had created a team with experience in his work.

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“Minister Jimenez already knows how things are in that portfolio, which is why he was able to promote immediate action. The difference with other ministers is that he will take time to build his team and gain experience on how the work is done. He concluded.

A position on the actions taken by the Government was requested from Presidency Communications, but no response has been received.

First action

  • • The President sought the resignation of Attorney General María Consuelo Porras, who was sanctioned by the United States on charges of undermining democracy. However, the officer has reiterated that she will not tender her resignation.
  • • The Interior Ministry conducts searches in prisons to seize phones and eliminate extortion, although it is unknown what strategy will be adopted to prevent these devices from re-entering prisons in a few days, as have other administrations. It happened in.
  • • Education Minister Anabela Jirka explains that after school health insurance is canceled on March 1, students in public education centers will be treated in the official health system; And announced that one of his priorities is the renovation of schools.
  • • The Paulin-Esquintla Highway will be returned to Marhanos, but no tolls will be charged. The head of the communications portfolio reported that the maintenance specified in the contracts was not complied with. It also announces that it has identified contracts that “shall be declared injurious to the State.”


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