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Polls: 2023 is decisive for Trump: a new presidential bid or resignation

2023 will be a year of great challenges and challenges for the world’s largest democracy.

Biggest among them: Donald Trump’s criminal conviction or total impunity, which would open the way for a second term for the former president.

Trump was referred to the Justice Department by a congressional select committee on charges of inciting armed insurrection, conspiracy to defraud the United States government, obstruction of Congress, and other federal crimes sufficient for his criminal indictment. Along with the evidence, the Department of Justice is also investigating the crimes.

Following the announcement that Trump would seek the presidency again, Attorney General Merrick Garland strengthened the agency’s investigation into his allegation against the former president, with the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith.

Prosecutor investigates Trump coup attempt; The theft of highly sensitive and classified documents with information on nuclear programs found at Mar-a-Lago, which the former President deliberately refuses to hand over.

Experts believe that the Department of Justice has already had plans to indict former presidents for a variety of federal crimes committed in different entities and circumstances, as part of a wider conspiracy to defraud the United States government. That may be enough information.

According to him, Section 18 of the Federal Penal Code, Section 371, gives the government the possibility of two or more people conspiring to commit a federal crime to defraud the government, but everything is under the jurisdiction of the Special Prosecutor and Attorney Gardland. Relies on evidence and judgement. ,

The government could argue that each of those offenses contained in the arrest warrant and others “would be part of a conspiracy, such as the removal of classified documents and reluctance to turn them over.”

Currently, charges may be brought against the withholding of national defense information in violation of Section 18, Section 793e of the Federal Penal Code, obstruction, concealment of an official, and removal of information in violation of Sections 1503, 1512, and 1519 of Article 18. . Documents that violate section 18, section 2071, with respect to documents brought into Mar-a-Lago.

They can also be accused of lying to the government or concealing facts, which is punishable by Section 1001 of the Federal Penal Code or obstruction under Article 18 Section 1519.

Justice Department officials are evaluating the possible filing of charges against the former president, considering not only the creation of charges based on irrefutable evidence, but also the political consequences of a criminal record that could endanger social peace. Are and can accelerate. Division and confrontation, or inaction, which would give Trump more impunity, would set a negative precedent.

The process of gathering sufficient evidence can be lengthy, especially when it involves classified documents, the slow pace of defense motions and other elements will result in the completion of the trial in a period of less than 12 months.

However, Trump would have the right to a speedy trial 70 days after his criminal conviction and, even if convicted and sentenced to prison, would be eligible to run for President of the United States since the pre-constitutional elections. Can appeal keeping the possibility. According to retired prosecutor Renato Mariotti, a criminal record is not required to reach the presidency.

Doubts and questions revolve around whether Trump has been convicted without conviction; Can he take over and assume control of the United States government?

Other experts say it is unlikely that Trump can be formally accused of stealing the top secret documents he still refuses to hand over.

It is necessary to clarify that, in the nearly 250 years of this country’s existence, no president has faced criminal charges like Trump, no one has attempted a coup, put “alternative” representatives in the Electoral College Have misused power, taken advantage of it. Protest, subverting a peaceful transition of power, or lying on so many occasions.

Other of his allies, such as Jeffrey Clark, may be charged for involvement in crimes related to the efforts to overturn the result of the vote.

Legal experts believe the attorney general would not have ordered Trump’s investigation if he had not considered the possibility of indicting him for the illegal retention of highly classified material and other government documents, which the former president may have intentionally withheld. – For refusing to surrender and for obstruction of justice…

They also believe that the former president could be criminally charged with inciting violence, making false statements to the federal government of the United States, with his plan to have “alternative electors” who voted him into the Electoral College.

The alleged millionaire, whose tax evasion and tax fraud are evident in statements that – abusing the power with which he was invested – forced him to keep secrets during his tenure, as well as those required by law Also prevented from being audited, his evasion for 15 years to avoid disclosure, after which he paid only $750.00 in 2016 and 2017, less than 1 million in 2018, 133,445 in 2019 and then- nothing in 2020 .

With the authorization of the nation’s Supreme Court, the statements were given to Congress, which disseminated them.

Trump reacted with anger and frustration, saying that the information “should never have been released and the Supreme Court should never have approved” because, he says, it “could lead to terrible things, it Will further divide the United States and make things worse.”

The former president accused Democrats of “using federal agencies as a political weapon,” warning them that “it’s a two-way street.”

The declarations – which cover 6,000 pages – also revealed his bank accounts in China, Great Britain, Ireland and other countries where he received unspecified payments from overseas.

The abuses were documented and confirmed to the American people in a comprehensive report compiled by a bipartisan select committee after 9, supported by over a thousand testimonies from former US government officials, official documents, photographs, videos and other irrefutable evidence. Was. The months-long investigation detailed the violent attack on the Capitol, Trump’s last unsuccessful resort to block Joe Biden’s certification and legitimacy after his coup attempt failed.

But we all know that these are not his only crimes and abuses.

The former president faces over 29 investigations:

Violation of 1.-8th. constitutional amendment.

2.- Use his position to channel resources to his assets.

3.- Misuse of the resources of its inaugural committee.

4.- Interference, obstruction of justice and harassment of independent prosecutor Robert Mueller.

5.- Unfair dismissal in the FBI.

6.- Stop the dissemination of the full report on his campaign committee’s collusion with the Russian envoys.

7.- Blackmailing President Volodymyr Zelensky with military assistance.

8. Forcing his daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner to access highly classified information, despite warnings and resistance from the intelligence community.

9. Violation of campaign finance laws with cash payments to his ex-lovers Karen McDougall and Stormy Daniels.

10. Interfering with the electoral process in various entities, pressuring governors, intimidation and intimidation of officials responsible for the electoral process in states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and others.

11.- Pressure on the state legislatures to abolish the legal representatives of the Electoral College.

12.- Plan a military operation to seize voting machines under an executive order arguing election fraud.

13.- Pressure your Vice President, Mike Pence, to illegally interfere in the process of certifying the victory of your Democratic opponent.

14.- Inciting violence as your last resort to stop President Joe Biden’s rise to power.

Now the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and it is expected that many more will join the ongoing presidential race against the former president, who faces the possibility of his criminal indictment in at least 3 proceedings. makes it more possible. He is followed by, among others, the citizens.

Trump, who continues to “justify” his defeat today and has overwhelming support from billionaires, lawmakers, Republican governors and voters, militias, white nationalist groups, domestic terrorist groups, a small portion of the military, law enforcement, evangelicals Received. The promoters of conspiracy theories like QAnon or the wives of Supreme Court justices appear to be vulnerable.

So far, his group of companies has been found guilty of 17 criminal charges, including tax fraud and tax evasion, for which he will have to pay a fine of 1 million 600 thousand dollars, which although not a lot, may initiate action against him. Of.

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