Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Polls: Half Awake, Latino Giants Showcase Their Power in the Polls

Still short of a potential 30 million votes, the Latino community in the United States once again demonstrated its growing political power and influence, determining the outcome of last month’s close and historic midterm elections.

Despite an absentee rate of more than 60%, Latinos, whose growth is 3 times higher than the rest of the population of this superpower, included the declared “red tide”, in which Republicans managed to snatch more than 40 seats and 8 seats. had expected For the Democrats and reduced it to only 9, although it gave them tighter control of the lower house, they were not successful in the Senate, which was vital for them to approve their initiative.

Clarissa Martinez de Castro, vice president of the Unidos US Vote Initiative program, believes that “Latino voters reaffirmed their important role in shaping the political landscape of the United States as voters and candidates, resulting in greater representation of this community.” Attended. In Congress and in state and local legislatures, that would allow for the resolution of priorities for both the community and the country.

Nearly invisible and increasingly ubiquitous, Latinos are perhaps the best definition of “swing voters,” or changing voters, who, this election, have demanded greater commitment from Democrats and a conviction to continue working to solve the problems that affect them. demanded. His vote

And for Republicans, show genuine interest and conviction in changing their platform of sieges and baseless attacks, lies and attacks, to focus on issues they consider a priority, such as addressing the issue of abortion, the abolition of firearms. violence, health, better economic opportunity, and immigration rather than “temporary inclusion” of congressional nominees, which to this day favors more Cuban immigrants than Florida.

With their electoral participation, similar to 2018, Latinos practically broke the old plan, with the party in power losing an average of 28 seats, losing control of the lower house and at least 4 seats in the Senate, As it has since 1934 there have been 22 midterm elections.

It also means rejection of the circus that Republicans were preparing, as well as rejection of millionaire spending on “new investigations” of the family of President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, as well as “supervised” hearings from Congress, cabinet members and demanding documents, appearances, and testimony from federal agencies, such as the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Department of Revenue, and others.

And, of course, disbanding the bipartisan House Committee that successfully investigated and exposed step by step several coup attempts and thwarted an armed insurgency incited by Trump to nullify the election result, including a violent attack on the Capitol. done. , which put the lives of then-Vice President Mike Pence and 535 legislators in both houses of Congress at risk.

It should be remembered that the committee’s intense work made it easier for the Justice Department to hand over Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the extremist group “Oath Keepers”, who was sentenced to up to 60 years in prison, as well as President Joe Biden’s victory in the 5th Congress. His lieutenants, including Kelly Meigs, indicted on charges of violent conspiracy as well as conspiracy and treason to prevent U.S. certification that resulted in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Now the Justice Department’s investigation will continue with those believed to be the organizers of the plot, which apparently include former President Trump, his family and close associates.

In this sense, Latinos have also contributed significantly to the preservation of the largest democracy in the world.

Latinos consolidate their influential electoral force, while they continue to transform popular culture, employment sources, politics, and the United States economy, with an estimated purchasing power of $1.5 trillion (US$1.5 trillion) each year. 100 million dollars grows. year.

Latinos, who, according to the most recent analysis, will account for 25% of the total population of this country in 2025 and a third of the population in 2050, at the current rate of growth, also played a decisive role in the defeat of extremists. Donald Trump’s nominees, who would have managed the 2024 presidential election and which Trump hoped could work in his favor in the event of another defeat.

Despite “new strategies” by the Republican Party to change its policy of intense attacks against immigrants, to “recruit” them with the arrival of Trump in 2016, the result was not what they had hoped for.

Nominations of Latina women suggested by evangelicals, such as the case of Myrna Flores, who, after winning a special election, became the first congresswoman born in Mexico, failed to be re-elected.

Latinos, through various polls, called for immediate control of inflation, gasoline prices and health costs, as well as protections for Dreamers, legislation that would ensure that all eligible Americans could vote without barriers, and in the election of officials. Expressed their demand for action that does not have agreements with white nationalists, supremacists and extremists who promote hatred.

The Latino electoral force was pivotal in boosting the victories of Democratic candidates for Congress, secretaries of state and governors, who will manage the 2024 presidential election, in states with large numbers of Electoral College votes, such as Arizona, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Control of Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, Kansas, Maine, New York, Oregon, Illinois, Minnesota, Maryland, Maine, Rhode Island, as well as several state legislatures.

Sadly, now divided and without visible and strong leadership since the retirement of Eliseo Medina, the Latino community faces a dramatic dearth of election information programs, voter registration, and other forms of support that the electoral veteran needs allows to wake up. , to achieve more forceful success with proper representation in Congress, where it now has only 11% representation, despite being 17% of the population, in other government bodies and the sectors of the economy and education.

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