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Pope Francis consecrated John Paul. Thanks for the miracles done in Argentina. “He was a gentle and humble shepherd,” said the Pope.

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Pope Francisco happy This Sunday in St. Peter’s Square John Paul I, Pope Albino Luciani, the fifth pontiff of the 20th century to reach the altars and one of those who remained as Pope for the shortest time in the history of the Church, died on September 28, 1978, 34 days after his election. happened. Despite heavy rain and thunder across Rome on Sunday, St Peter’s Square was packed with faithful (about 25,000 people), cardinals, bishops, priests and politicians, including Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

new blessed Pope Francis said at the celebration, “He embodied the disciple’s poverty, which means not only getting rid of material things, but above all overcoming the temptation to center his ‘I’ and seek his glory.” Have to get.” “It was A humble and humble shepherd” (…) And with his smile Pope Luciani managed to convey the goodness of the Lord. It is a church with a cheerful, calm and smiling face, that never closes its doors, that does not harden hearts, that does not complain or hold resentment, that is not angry or impatient, which Doesn’t look harsh or victimized Nostalgia for the past.

And to explain the context in which some leaders lead, Francis referred to the crowd that followed Jesus to Jerusalem and compared it to the crowd that follows some figures today, perhaps the electorate. In a silent nod to the campaign. That Italy is experiencing where there will be elections on 25 September. “We may wonder what a shrewd leader would have done by looking at his words and charisma and boosted his popularity. It still happens today, in moments of personal and social distress, when we are more exposed to feelings of anger or fear of something that threatens our future, we become more vulnerable; And, thus, distancing ourselves from our emotions, we put ourselves in the hands of someone who knows how to deal with this situation skillfully and cunningly, taking advantage of society’s fears and being “the savior.” Promises to be the one who will solve problems, while in reality he wants your acceptance and power to grow. But Jesus doesn’t act that way, He doesn’t meet our needs”, he explained.

Due to knee problems, the Argentine Pope always used to celebrate sitting on a chair. The rest of the mass, which was to be celebrated standing, was performed by several cardinals, including the secretary of state, Pietro Parolin.

During the ceremony, Pope Francis was presented with the relics of Pope Luciani from the John Paul I Foundation but this time it was not the bone of the deceased, as is usually the case, but a page written by his hand. . Shows faith, hope and charity in him.


Why el pope luciani Blessed be it, for the cause of the saints it was necessary to demonstrate to the congregation that the candidate of the saint had performed a miracle. and mention the officially recognized miracle An 11-year-old Argentine girl, Candela Giarda, From Paraná, who began manifesting a serious brain disease in 2011, after being transferred to Buenos Aires and admitted to Favaloro Hospital, doctors believed there was nothing more they could do to save him. Her mother spoke with the priest of the parish, Father Jose Ignacio Dubasti, near the hospital, and he promised her that she would entrust him in her prayers to John Paul I so that he could save her. The girl was in intensive care. The situation worsened on 22 July 2011 but 23 July is today considered to be the date of the miracle—”surprisingly”, according to Vatican documents, she rapidly recovered and gradually recovered. Today he is 21 years old and lives in Paraná where he studies animal hygiene and health at the university. Candela and her mother Roxana were to go to Rome to declare Sosa blessed. But the girl broke her leg and they canceled the trip. The two sent a video to the press conference in which they presented Friday’s Thanksgiving, where they regret not being able to travel but said they are very excited about Thanksgiving.

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Instead, Father Dabasti was present at the press conference and ceremony. He told the press why he had asked Pope Luciani for Candela’s health. “John Paul had two traits that grabbed my attention and inspired me since I was a child (he was only 13 when he was chosen): his enduring joy and his humility,” he said.

How do you get blessed?

The main steps in the canonical process are three: identification of heroic qualities, that is, the person has the qualities to become a saint; To be blessed is to be holy, which requires the performance of a miracle, and to be a holy saint, which requires the performance of a miracle. Another miracle.

And completing each of these steps requires a lengthy process of investigation by the people in charge of the cause, guided by the so-called postulators, who consult the files, speak with those who know them and Even with their relatives. In the case of John Paul I, the statements of his two nieces included others. One of them, Lena Petri, told the conference on Friday, among other things, that she was having dinner with her uncle in Rome when she received a phone call informing her that Paul VI was very ill. Paul VI died the next day.

The miracle of John Paul I was subjected to a long process of verification by the Congregation for the Cause of Saints, but also by the doctors who studied the case and declared it a “scientifically inexcusable cure”. With the official decree of October 13, 2021, Francis recognized the miracle.

Why declare the Pope blessed for such a short time?

“Sanctification is the ecclesiastical recognition of an exemplary Christian life. A blessed or saint is not necessarily a martyr, it is enough that he is a good example to follow and helps to establish unity in difference”, he explained. pageI1 Argentine theologian miles Cuda, current Secretary of the Pontifical Pontifical Commission for Latin America.

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“Thanksgiving and canonization are not a reward, nor is it a recognition of a saint who thinks like them. On the contrary, they are public recognitions that the Catholic Church builds upon as a model to emulate a Christian practice, He said. And he concluded: “Many people wonder why people of the same creed, but with different positions in society, are equally blessed and/or canonized under the same pontificate. The answer lies in the Catholic Church, which is constituted as a unity in difference. Keeping distance, cultures also identify as heroes or heroes who have shown exemplary behavior in the processes of freedom, liberation and unity.

Who was John Paul I?

Born on October 17, 1912 in Forno di Canale (today known as Canale d’Agordo) in the province of Belluno, belonging to the Veneto region (northeast Italy). He was the first of four children of a socialist activist who had worked as an immigrant in Switzerland for many years.

In the card that his father wrote to him, where he gave his consent to enter the first seminary in 1923, he said: “I hope that when you are a priest you are on the side of the poor because Christ is on their side.” were in.” In 1935 Luciani was ordained a priest, and in 1958 he was ordained bishop of Vittorio Veneto by Pope John XXIII. Beginning in 1962, he attended all sessions of the Second Vatican Council, which led to major changes in the church, making it simpler and closer to the population, allowing the use of national languages ​​in the celebration, which until then was only in Latin. Were. Getting closer to culture and popular music. In 1970 he was named Bishop of Venice and in 1973 named Distinguished Cardinal by Paul VI.

After 6 August 1978, the day of the death of Paul VI, who, like John XXIII, had carried out all these changes in the Church, the Synod of Cardinals was convened on 25 August to elect a new pope. And Luciani was elected after sessions of more than 24 hours, which is quite rare because there are usually many candidates and discussions prolong the Synod. He chose the name Juan Paulo in clear reference to the two popes he considered essential to the church: John XXIII and Paul VI.

On September 28, 1978, John Paul I was found dead in his room at the Vatican, the nun who usually brought him breakfast. According to doctors, due to heart attack. But since autopsy was not performed on the Pope’s body in the Vatican at the time (autopsy was authorized in 1983), it was not known for certain what happened to him. Several hypotheses arose about the alleged conspiracies and assassination attempts that did not lead to any correct conclusions.

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