Pope Francis meets the judge who sacked Christina Kirchner in the Hotsour and Los Sauces case

While testing is in progress for Public Works Pope Francisco he met Daniel Horacio Obligadoone of the judges who dismissed the vice president Christina Kirchner in reason Hotsore and Los Sauce,

Obligado integrates Tribunal Oral Federal (TOF) N°5 and the traditional Saturday audience of the Supreme Pontiff as reported in the press release Vatican, Similarly, he did not give details about the meeting between the two.

Daniel Obligado 20220806
Federal Judge Daniel Obligado.
Vatican Statement 20220806
Vatican statement.

However, he not only met the magistrate, but also the ambassador Ukraine Before the Holy See, who later said that Francis would visit Kyiv in September.

Role in Hotsur and Los Sauce case

Obligado was the one who, along with his partner Adrian Grunberg, issued the dismissal of both the vice president, as well as their children, late last November. Maximo and Florencia Kirchner, In this sense, businessmen Lazaro Baez, Fabian de Sousa, Cristóbal López and all other defendants were also dismissed.

Adrian Grunberg and Daniele Obligado 20211126
Adrian Grunberg and Daniel Obligado.

With two votes in favor of Judge Adriana Palliotti and one against, the court held that the evidence collected, particularly in accounting expertise, demonstrated the absence of damages and, consequently, guilt.

They engage Maximo Kirchner in the public works trial.

In a 375-page resolution, the ToF resolved: “Even though the importance of investigating crimes against public administration cannot be overlooked, It is not possible to avoid that their oppression should always be carried out in full compliance with the law at hand and,

In this way, one of the most complicated cases against the Kirchners was dropped, as he alleged that the transfer of funds had a legal origin. Although prosecutor Requested to cancel the dismissal in order to proceed to the oral test, the attempts were unsuccessful.

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