ROME ( Associated Press) – Pope Francis on Saturday celebrated families and urged them to go back to life during the conclusion of a forum dedicated to them at the Vatican, a day after the United States Supreme Court struck down constitutional protection of abortion. Avoid indifferent “selfish” decisions. ,

Francis did not mention the decision, nor did he explicitly mention abortion in his home. But he used the specific terminology of his papacy to refer to the need to protect families and denounce the “throwaway culture”, which he says is responsible for the acceptance of abortion in society.

“Let’s not let the family be poisoned by the toxins of the current culture of selfishness, individualism, apathy and rejection, and consequently lose our DNA, which is the spirit of hospitality and service,” he said.

The pope stressed that some couples allow their fears and anxieties to “thwart the desire to bring new life into the world”, while calling on them not to cling to selfish desires.

“They have been told not to have other priorities, to ‘don’t look back’ to remember their former lives, their former freedoms, with the lingering illusions of it,” he said.

Francis has remained steadfast about the church’s teachings against abortion, which he likens to “hiring a gunman to solve a problem.”

At the same time, the Pope has expressed his solidarity with women who have terminated their pregnancies and facilitated redemption for the sin of undergoing the procedure.

The Catholic Church believes that life begins at conception and should be preserved and defended until natural death.

Francis gave his home to a large crowd in St. Peter’s Square at the end of the World Meeting of Families, a four-day conference to help church workers provide better care ministry to families, especially those going through hardships. to help.

Cardinal Kevin Farrell, who heads the Vatican office, celebrated the closing mass in front of thousands of people as Francis suffered a knee pain that made it difficult for him to stand for long periods of time.

The Pope sat next to the altar and made the householder sit. Sometimes he stood up to read the gospel without any problem and sometimes he would help himself with a cane.

The Vatican welcomed Friday’s decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, which granted constitutional protection to abortion in the country.

The decision opens the door for US states to ban or prohibit abortion, with half expected to ban it.