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Popular leadership celebrates 70 years of ELA in a landscape of deteriorating autonomy

While questions about the collective life of Puerto Ricans and its relevance as a governing document of the country’s relations with the United States are becoming increasingly generalised, Assemblycontrolled by Democratic People’s Party (PPD) celebrates its 70th anniversary today Constitution of commonwealth (ELA) through certain protocol acts that kept the memory of the historical leader of the community as a common thread, Luis Munoz Marin,

With the governor’s notable absence, the New Progressives Pedro Pierluisicwas the president of the Senate, Joseph Louis DalmauAnd this Lok Sabha, Raphael ‘Tatito’ Hernandez MountainWho had free rein to defend the virtues of the Commonwealth, a model of governance and political relations with the United States that, particularly in the past six years, has been called into question by declarations and actions. Together with the three branches of the federal government, they have reduced the autonomy of the regional apparatus.

“The Commonwealth Constitution is the most important collective victory of our people. That is why we must protect it. It is the symbol that unites us under one purpose, the progress of Puerto Rico,” Dalmou emphasized.

Dalmau, who is also the president of the PPD, celebrated as a Republican federal senator in recent times. roger wicker Submitted a project that seeks to promote a referendum in which the ELA would be included in its ballot. In this sense, the measure – which so far does not have co-sponsors – would oppose the project that is currently being addressed by the federal House of Representatives, in whose resolution to make way for a referendum between independence, state and Regional status is not included. free association.

As part of protocol acts that took place in the afternoon on the south side of the Capitol, Hernández Montez raised the Puerto Rican flag in 1952, imitating the gesture of former governor Muoz Marín.

“The Constitution of Puerto Rico as we remember it today is not only a historical document or an organized political form, it is the aspiration of the heart, as Muoz said, of Puerto Rican society, of making itself present and of our lives. To make part of the people in every instance.” , highlighted Hernández Montáez, who in his speech, which closed the ceremony, cited both Muoz Marín and the first statesman governor, Louis A. Faresand socialist leaders Lino Padron Riverawho were part of Constituent Assembly Who wrote the Magna Carta.

Despite defending the Commonwealth, Hernández Montánez and . Both Luis Javier Hernandez OrtizoPresident of Mayor’s AssociationIt seems that it is necessary to revise the terms of political relations with the United States, a country that entered into force in 2016 fiscal control board (JCF) and whose Supreme court Several recent cases reiterate that Puerto Rico remains an unincorporated territory under the powers of Congress federal.

At no point in time, however, was the fact that Puerto Rico operates its government within the territorial clause of the US Constitution outlined.

“Let’s put aside our differences, let’s put Puerto Rico first and create a new means of economic and social development for the country. Name it whatever you want! Name it whatever you want! If, like me, you want Puerto Rico Rico with more powers to boost our economy, yes, like me, you cherish a permanent union with the United States, but we are Puerto Ricans first, I call on you to unite and become our generation who make a new agreement for Puerto Rico,” said Hernández Ortiz, who anticipates that one of the PPD’s options could be to seek governorship in 2024.

The mayor of Villalba also expressed regret that, over the past decades, Puerto Rico has suffered the degradation of its industrial economic model, education and health systems, and public energy model.

In the case of Hernández Montánez, who was in charge of organizing the event—with a budget close to $250,000—he reiterated that the constitution “is alive and strong”, but noted several amendments that the House of Representatives would soon promote “the Magna Carta”. renew.

Among them, the legislature leader referred to the election by direct vote of the Secretary of State, a second round for the election of governors and mayors, the repeal of mandates and the separation of the governor and resident police station elections from the legislative ones. The ones. He also mentioned the possibility of amending the Constitution so that debt issues can be specifically directed towards financing infrastructure works.

Similarly, Hernández Montáez called for the will to be united with two objectives, referring to “we all agree”, canceling the Luma Energy contract and “withdrawing” JCF.

Governor, Luma has a bad contract. Luma has not complied Puerto Rico, let’s go together to remove the board and Luma. There we all agree. Luma out!” said the president of the chamber.

Pierlucci, who has strongly opposed the cancellation of the Luma Energy Treaty, arguing that the consortium had done an acceptable job of operating the electricity grid and the constitution forbids it from curtailing the contractual relationship, was absent from that ceremony. in which he was declared as one. Speaker.

Your Press Officer, Sheila Engleronoted that the chief executive had pardoned himself “a long time ago”. Secretary of State, Omar Marrero, participated in the activity, but did not give any message. Other executive branch officials who said they were present were the health secretary, Carlos Melado, Director of electric power authority, Joshua Columbus, and Assistant General of National Guard, Jose Reyes,

at the ceremony, which was moderated by the actor Braulio Castillo, sonGenerally speaking, the elected officials of new progressive partyThe Puerto Rican Independence Party And this civil victory movementThe three surviving former governors of the PPD participated, silla calderone, Anibal Acevedo Vilas You Alexander Garcia Padilla,

Like the governor, the mayor of San Juan, Michael Romero, was to give a speech, but he was also not present. Former New Progressive Senatorial President Attended Kenneth McClintock,

Between acts of raising the flag and speeches by political figures, the event featured brief presentations by artistic groups representing municipalities such as Vega Alta, Ponce, Barceloneta Sidra, Rio Grande, Isabela, Juncos, Guama, Hatillo, Salinas and Aguada. was involved.

At one point, a demonstrator with a loudspeaker who gained access to Constitution Avenue – which was closed to the public due to the ceremony – was removed by security personnel.

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