Portal.-Google tests improved protection against financial fraud in Play Protect


Google has announced the testing of new protection against used applications that are financial fraud and are downloaded from sites other than the Play Store, which will analyze and block the installation if it detects potential abuse of permissions.

Financial fraud costs users one billion dollars according to the 2023 ‘Global State of Scams’ report, which shows that at least 78 percent of mobile users experienced one of these scams last year,

frequent financial scams they resort to social engineering to deceive their victims. Through instant messages about the potential risk or the opportunity to receive an instant reward, which, ultimately, makes them forget the security measures and provide data such as their digital account credentials or even transfer certain funds. May become the reason.

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In this context, Google has announced the testing of better fraud protection on Android via Play Protect, which will be launched first in Singapore in the coming weeks, as stated in its security blog.

This enhanced protection will come into play if a user attempts to download an ‘app’ from a source outside the Play Store. The app will automatically scan and block the download if it detects that the app “may use sensitive runtime permissions that are often misused for financial fraud.”

The specific focus will be on four permits, which will be analyzed in real-time: SMS reception, SMS reading, notifications, and accessibility because fraudulent applications often use their means to “intercept one-time passwords via SMS or notifications, as well as spy on the contents of the screen.”.

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For your part, the user will see an information screen It will inform you about blocking the application installation with a brief description of the reason.


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