Powercool patents technology with its smart refrigerator, 10 curiosities

Powercool patents technology with its smart refrigerator, 10 curiosities

hospitality industry You must give high priority to investing in the highest quality refrigerators and refrigerators to meet the needs of the customers.

Some restaurants, bars and cafeterias have very outdated equipment that does not allow them to meet the expectations of consumers, who generally prefer to consume, for example, frozen drinks for cooling, lunch , with dinner etc. The best thing to do in these cases is to replace them with efficient products. Currently, Powercool company is revolutionizing the market with its smart refrigerators which have features that make them stand out from the competition.

What are some things to know about Powercool’s Smart Refrigerator?

Powercool’s smart refrigerators have become an absolute sensation, as they have unique features Which many businesses like them. There are also many businesses that have changed their equipment to provide better service to customers.

There are several curiosities people should be aware of regarding the above refrigerators. First, it may be noted that they are a . make use of Patented algorithm that makes drinks as cold as possible without incident thanks to supercooling, Furthermore, the said algorithm generates temperature oscillations and vibrations that allow all the products placed in the fridge to reach the maximum freezing point in a uniform manner. Similarly, the circulation of air also takes place in the same direction, which also makes the uniformity of cooling possible.

Another relevant feature of the powercool system is Its sensors, which function to analyze the temperature inside the refrigeratorSomething that serves to control the degree and exposure time of the drinks so that they don’t go into a solid state.

Beverages kept in the refrigerator drop to minus -7 degrees, a temperature achieved in a record time of just 2 hours. The efficiency of these products is maximum, as they cool down quickly even in hot weather.

One of the great benefits of refrigerators is that they control energy consumption.

How to buy powercool refrigerator?

Powercool is the only distribution company for its refrigerators. Those wishing to get more information can consult their website, where they provide all the details about their products. In addition, through the same means they provide users with their telephone numbers and a form to fill out.

Company representatives are in charge of finding the ideal refrigerator for drinks or food for each catering business.


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