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Premature loss of eyesight due to glaucoma

A Javier Segovia the light went out suddenly, in an unexpected and premature eye disease This led him to lose not only his sight, but his job, the freedom to go where he wanted and enjoy life to the fullest.

seven years ago this terrible Disease This cost him his sight and to this day doctors do not explain why this is due, as it is unlikely that this would happen to a man so young and he was only 37 at the time, with no history of diabetes or high blood pressure. was not .

“I’ve been like this, there’s nothing much in it, I’ve been blind for 7 years eye disease and another Disease He became complicated, another syndrome that became complicated in my eye, first I lost one and then I lost the other, the doctors do not know and do not understand why it killed me at a young age eye diseaseWell, they say it usually affects people who have diabetes and high blood pressure and I don’t suffer from either of those, before I worked in the construction of everything that fell, Masonry, painting, electrician, assistant driver, unloader, all that, but I don’t have a job right now, nobody hires you like that because they see you as an invalid, it’s hard to find a job work“, he pointed out.

Javier says that he is resigned to not having recovered his sight, but this does not take away his will to live, because regardless of his condition, he is able to earn a living by selling sweets, lighters and cigarettes every day. Goes out on the streets.

“I’m doing what I’m doing because I have a need, I’m not getting any helpNot from the government, not from anybody, and it’s hard for you, but sometimes you just can’t sit there and let myself die, I can’t let myself die alone, I have to find a way to survive, keep the day Fighting every day Day after day, in spite of everything, I sell popsicles, chewing gum, peanuts, lighters, cigarettes, whatever little I can get together, I invest to sell, right now I’m with my brother posing in the way of Lazaro Cardenas, the center still belongs, but it is for the exit of Cardenas, I do not have help From the government, from Sedesol, or anything like that, because they told me that there are no programs, that the programs haven’t started yet,” he said.

However, it is not easy traveling through the city with broken sidewalks and a city full of street vendors, as well as with a broken cane as it was crushed while trying to cross the road.

“Because they made me this (cane) but it’s already broken, and the cars crushed it, a part of it broke here, I was passing by and I heard the engine and then I stopped went and a tire passed it.” And it broke off at the point, he had a piece of plastic. In the case of the market, it’s okay, because you have little balls that you roll and it would be okay for people like us, to have more streets that was able to walk, because here we follow a guide And if there are certain things because we whittle them down, then we should have a guide to follow,” he explained.

Finally, he called on people to show solidarity with people with disabilities and said that he was also sorry that there are people who pretend to be disabled to ask for money, because people no longer want to help.

“Sometimes people don’t even have the time, they don’t have the ability to understand a person disabledalso because there are many people who lie and pretend and one has to face the consequences, they pretend to be disabled and they are not disabled, so when someone is actually disabled, sometimes They discriminate against someone because they think it is showing off and shouldn’t happen, of course those who do this are wrong, but in this life we ​​talk about everything,” He concluded.

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