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The President of the Republic Nicolas Maduro this Thursday denounced a campaign against workers and the Caracas metro system.

In statements broadcast by Venezolana de Télévision, the head of state said that the campaign has been promoted on social networks by the Primoro Justicia (PJ) party.

«PJ has assigned himself the task of attacking Metro workers, and he has launched a campaign on the social network against our workers. They have given themselves the task of attacking the metro, but the workers beat their chests to protect their work”, warned the national president.

The statements were made following a complaint made by Metro System President Edison Alvarado.

From the Expoindustrial of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, President Nicolas Maduro stressed that thanks to the workers of the Caracas Metro, it has become possible to withstand the blockade and more than 500 sanctions promoted by the United States of America (USA).

“The subway workers condemn that the blockades and restrictions have prevented them from bringing in spare parts for trains, in general, to fix stairs,” President Maduro said.

He stressed that the US government is also promoting this campaign.

“Imperialism is under fire that employees of metro and railway services have the service ready, and how it hurts Gringo,” he said. “That’s why they send their puppets to attack Venezuelan public services and workers,” he insisted.

In view of this fact, he encouraged the working class to work for providing good service to the country, in order to maintain an alliance with the industrial sector, to replace the necessary parts and to be able to produce and develop in the country. did.

“The people of Venezuela should be aware that the workers of Caracas Metro and CVG have joined the effort and knowledge to manufacture the necessary pieces and parts for the systems’ engines,” the Venezuelan president said.

For his part, CVG president Pedro Maldonado insisted that, for years, wheels were being purchased from the US for the rail system.

Guyana workers jointly with Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) produced the first two locomotive wheels of the Los Tex Metro system.

In this regard, he said that the first set of eight wheels made in the country is expected to come for the metro system in 15 days.


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