Thursday, February 9, 2023

President heals in health

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was in a very compromising position: if he did not capture ovid guzmanHe risked that in 2025, as soon as his term expires, the United States would prosecute him for contempt and default.

Since 2019, the Court of the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. requested the extradition of the son joaquin ‘El Chapo’ guzman On charges of trafficking cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. But the officials ignored that demand.

Mexico’s president has well-measured political timing to arrest one of the key leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel: 4T staged the coup two days after the United States president arrived in the country to attend a tripartite summit , Joe Biden,

Yesterday’s operation had nothing to do with the failed capture of Ovideo in October 2019: unlike three years ago, it was now decided to carry out it at five in the morning, when the population of Culiacan and Sinaloa in general was still active There were no roads.

For the first time at 3 p.m., workplaces, schools, and the streets of Culiacan were crowded with people, which the cartel took advantage of and took virtually hostage. The federal government was unwilling to allow bloodshed. That’s why López Obrador reversed the operation.

Three years later, the tenant of the National Palace and the closest circle of the Secretary General of National Defense, Luis Crescent SandovalThey employed a better strategy, which proved successful, despite 19 roadblocks and the chaos that had arisen, and which continued to wreak havoc through the night.

In 2019, López Obrador did not know about Ovidio’s capture. His arrest at the helm of an Interjet plane traveling to Oaxaca surprised him and he was practically incommunicado in the critical hours. then-Secretary of Public Safety and Civil Protection, alphonso durazzoHe used to leave after nine hours, around midnight, to give his report.

Yesterday AMLO was aware of the operations that Cedena was preparing and was informed at 4 am of the start of the mission. He didn’t report this to his morning conference because a scuffle between the hitman and the army happened right then.

In the Presidential Palace, the Campo Marte program was invented to celebrate the bicentennial of the Heroic Military College, to meet the morning press conference and to give time for the conclusion of the operation in Sinaloa.

Ovid resisted, was subdued, guarded by military forces and taken out of the plane for transfer to CdMx by 11 am. It landed at Benito Juárez Airport around 1 pm and was taken by helicopter to Military Camp No. 1.


how do we estimate same monday, minister yasmin esquivel He preferred to make a fool of himself in voting to elect the new president of the country’s Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) instead of withdrawing his candidature in time. He was eliminated in the second round. As we wrote, in the first round he received only two votes: his and his comrades, Loretta Ortiz, But in another, not even his traveling companion on the 4T adventure accompanied him: the lawyer was left alone, with his only vote. How vast was his security!, the confidence he received from the National Palace, that when he took the floor before the eleven Ministers of the Court began voting, he returned with the acquittal to defend his thesis that a General Prosecutor’s Office gave them hours before the justice of CdMx as it regulates claudia sheinbaum, When Esquivel saw his aspiration completely lost, he turned to his companion, the minister alfredo gutierrez ortiz-menaDenied him the deciding vote that ultimately gave the minister the presidency Norma Lucia Pina Hernandez, And that’s the favorite contractor’s wife andres manuel lopez obrador, jose maria riobuThe six-year term ended with the former Secretary of the Treasury’s grandson being blamed for a spectacular campaign of alleged plagiarism of his thesis. Adolfo Lopez Mateos why Gustavo Diaz Ordazlawyer and economist Anthony Ortiz Mena,


By the way Outgoing President arturo zaldivarHe was like Rocket Man: Faced with a good number of ministers and even those with whom he saw him as an ally till a few weeks ago: President andres manuel lopez obrador, The turning point was, once again, Monday’s historic vote in which she emerged victorious Norma Pineapple, perhaps to preserve a perceived autonomy, perhaps to shield himself personally and his core circle of associates, such as his operatives carlos alpizer why constancio carrascoZalidwar remained firm in his support till the last moment alfredo gutierrez ortiz-mena, with whom he had already signed agreements with the tenant of the National Palace despite a public inquiry and a final cleanup listing Pina. He didn’t read the warning, as did the Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopezwho had supported the former SAT president since last April, but when the AMLO fray began, he decided to leave it and support the minister alberto perez witch, What a future for Zaldivar, whom he saw as head of the National Human Rights Commission, or even working for López Obrador in the 2024 presidential elections at the INE. Lorenzo Cordova,


in Morelos More quick moranistas, but not the most popular in terms of relief Cuauhtemoc Blanco in 2024, they are Daisy Gonzalez, Rabindranath Salazar and priests Angel Garcia Yanez, The first carried out a million-dollar campaign of billboards on the Autopista del Sol, banners on urban buses, pennants on the main avenues of Cuernavaca and other cities, openly, openly and brazenly, violating electoral provisions. He was not very creative with his “Es Margarita”. The director of the National Lottery got away for free, and in an inspection, he didn’t even get a refund. Regarding Salazar, the former Undersecretary of the Interior, there is a suspicion that he also uses public resources in his political activities and there is talk of Senator García having ties to criminal groups in the region of Yutepec: but as the lyrics of in go to sebastianThey are rumours, they are rumours.


“Vicky, pay attention The president asked me to recommend someone to the Banco de México, but the truth is I don’t know who to send: can you help me?”, and the governor of the Banco de México (Banxico) sent his Promoted a long time friend, a junior from the finance ministry and current subordinate at the central institution, which goes against the principle of the governing board where its members should have independent opinion. The above may be the request of the Secretary to the Treasury, rogelio ramirez de la owho once again demonstrated their disdain and eagerness to delegate relevant decisions. Omar Mejia-Castellazo Rodriguez from Treasury arrives with Ceja. in 2005 arturo herrera invited him to the DF government when he headed it andres manuel lopez obrador, Some even say that they are cousins. He started his economics degree at UNAM in 1997 and completed it in 2004, that is, after seven years.

Olga Borja, The A First District Judge specializing in commercial bankruptcy granted Unifin’s request yesterday, which it submitted on November 3. financial company that heads Rodrigo Lebois Was satisfied with the timing of the bankruptcy process. The declaration of bankruptcy opens the conciliation phase, with which active negotiations are carried out to obtain sources of financing largely in credit and exit financing. Unifin’s position, which directs sergio camachoKeeping the business running and having agreed agreements with its lenders is the key to preserving operations and retaining customers.

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