President of Racing’s Darts to Transfer Sergio Romero to Boca Juniors

President of Racing's Darts to Transfer Sergio Romero to Boca Juniors

Academy president expressed his disappointment with Romero's decision
Academy president expressed his disappointment with Romero’s decision

“With a sense of belonging to a racing club”, presented as Sergio Romero In his bio on social media. However, after emerging from the academy and part of his recovery at the Tita Mattiucci estate after the operation he had in March, he preferred a professional approach over heart and accepted the offer. Boca Juniors,

“I said I wasn’t going to cover a guy in racing. He communicated with Boca asking if he was free, and available. I’m happy with the opportunity they gave me, I think it One step ahead in my career.Chiquito, 35, said in an introductory press conference. ,I’ve come to the biggest club in ArgentinaI am ready to show how I performed in the arc of the Argentine team. It was one of the best decisions of my life,” he added in a sentence, a dagger in Avelneda.

As a bonus track, this Sunday the Xeneize Professional League will tour racing for date 13. “Everyone knows I’m a racing fan, but football is a job and today I’m indebted to Boca, I have to do everything I can to do it well. I’m looking for three points if I have to be I will go,” he warned. And about the thinking of academics, he explained: “We are all very passionate, maintaining consistency was an important step in my career and It’s so hard to say no when this club is presented. If the racing was visible, he would certainly have accepted, but he didn’t; They’d know where they’d have to knock on the door, but they didn’t come, it was Boca who showed up,

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in that respect, Victor White, answered the chairman of the Avellaneda Group. “The talk between Romero and Boca hurts, but I wish him all the best. In the racing we did everything that had to be done and we pampered him very much. When I spoke he told me his priority was Europe”, he explained in the conversation radio network,

,Racing did everything for Romero to return but he decided on Boca. We opened doors for his training, we named a court after him… It makes me sad to see him with Boca, racing is a huge club. The fan’s anger is justified”, he threw another dart.

The manager continued his speech on the program get out of the middleBy radio continental, “Arias is a national team player, he has nothing to envy Chiquito. And Gomez is at a great level. Today we have the arches covered”, he commented, emphasizing himself. Wouldn’t really like him to attack racing, I was a bit shocked to see him on a team other than racing, but he’s a professional”, he said. Yes, after this determination, at least open wounds. However, a return to Albiceleste does not appear likely. “I’m not going to tell you forever, but the door to racing was closed for a while. What he said doesn’t help much.”He concluded.

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