Price and official launch in Mexico of the electric car that will come to compete against the Tesla Model 3

price and official launch in Mexico of the electric car that will come to compete against the Tesla Model 3

BYD This is an automaker that produces and sells only electric cars and officially arrived in Mexico a few months ago with four models: Han, Tang, Yuan Plus and Dolphin 2024. Now it’s time to meet his fifth car in our country: seal and electric sedan who wants to face the Tesla Model 3.

And that’s it Stamp 2024 It is a car that is 4.8 meters long, 1.9 wide and 1.5 high based on architecture. e-Platform 3.0 so your battery will be one of the 82.56 kWh thus achieving autonomy up to 550 km with full compensation.

Stamp 2024 It has a design based on the series sea of BYD, of which it is a part dolphin so its aesthetics are inspired by OCEANS with fluid lines and a sporty attitude.

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In Mexico this electric sedan will be sold in two versions: AWD performance (with four-wheel drive, so it’s top of the range) and RWD (with rear wheel drive, this is the entry version), while the first will arrive 530 hp with two electric motors, the second one is coming 313 hp.

The entry version has a battery in 61.44 kWh therefore its autonomy extends up to 460 km with full compensation. Talking about the charges, this variant can go from 30 to 80% of the battery 30 minutes with direct current.

On the other hand, the Performance version, the top of the range, is the one that reaches up to 520 km with a full charge thanks to its battery 82.56 kWh in addition to supporting a load of 150 kW with direct current.

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Interior and security

inside, Stamp 2024 comes with an infotainment screen 15.6 inches which, like other BYD models, has the ability to round which can be horizontal or vertical, in addition to connecting for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Its instrument cluster is digital 10.25 inches while other facilities include a wireless smartphone charger, navigation system and a crystal shift lever.

In terms of security, Seal 2024 meets the standard six airbags and assistance systems such as traction control, blind spot detection, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, cross traffic alert, and others.

Price and availability

Stamp 2024 It is now available in Mexico via Liverpool the only distributor of BYD in the country, with a price of 778,800 pesos for the entry version with rear axle drive, and 888,800 pesos for the top of the range with four-wheel drive.

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