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Prithvi, the real goat, breaks tally speed record

Planet Earth, a veteran planet better known for its speed and prowess than the explosiveness of its youth, gave it a vintage look earlier this summer, completing the fastest lap yet. Is. All the haters and skeptics who counted the earth outside were now sobbing, just crying.

On June 29, Earth made a full spin in 1.59 milliseconds less than the league’s 24-hour average, an astonishing athletic feat watched by an estimated 7.97 billion viewers. It holds the record for the fastest Earth’s rotation since they began tracking data in 1955 with the advent of the first practical atomic clock. But as we all know, athletes are stronger and faster; At that time the land was in competition with a group of plumbers and postal workers.

The world record for the passage of time is verified by the Earth’s Rotational Systems Department and the International Reference Regulatory Agency, and first reported by TimeAndDate, a fan blog for time news, time scores and time trading rumors. . As Timeandate notes, June’s performance record just didn’t appear. Well, it falls into the void of space, but you know what I mean; Prithvi has been enjoying a career comeback for quite some time now. Although the Earth usually rotates much slower than the year of its birth (about three milliseconds per day per century; therefore the length of a day at the end of the Cretaceous is about 23 hours 30 minutes), the last few seasons have seen Earth rotate. Is. is getting faster.

The elevation in the chart is due to the position of the Moon, which affects Earth’s performance as the bowler of choice. Seasonal decline is caused by changes in the atmosphere that add or subtract clouds; Like many worlds, the Earth disintegrates in the summer (Northern Hemisphere). Planned by

The reason for Player of the Year’s return to Earth is unclear. Many features for the new training regime; New diet out of season. Others expect a change in philosophy from the Sun, the coach of the Earth, more suited to Earth’s capabilities. Earth has also been whispered about the use of the planetary growth hormone PGH, although this rumor may have been fueled by its closest competitors, Mars and Venus. “It must be weird.” Professor Matt King from the University of Tasmania said: “Something has clearly changed.”

Scientists, by nature obsessed with sword scales, have several theories, and one of the most popular is the adaptation of glacial balance. In this scenario, climate change causes the ice sheet to melt and thereby reduce the weight of the Earth’s poles, allowing the Earth, which is much wider than that, to disintegrate into a shape slightly closer to the sphere. . As a snowboarder stretches his arm, the ground spins rapidly.

Other theories include chandeliers and bubbles. These are periodic deviations of the center of rotation. Over the past two years – perhaps driven by changes in ocean circulation – oscillations have reached historic levels. The ground looks more like a soccer ball thrown into a violent vortex than a wounded Peyton Manningesk duck.

“Since the changes in these two things can be attributed to the movement of mass on Earth’s surface, it cannot be a bad guess that these things are related in some way,” King said. “I don’t know if we’re far from understanding what’s going on, but I dare say that maybe something is happening in the climate system or the oceans.”

Whatever the reason or the reason, Prithvi’s recent performance has been so impressive that they are contemplating changing the rules of the game. A few more years less than 24 hours and we’d need the first “negative leap second”—international atomic time, passing a second in standard universal time, to get it back into alignment with Earth’s rotation. Sure, Barry Bonds hit a lot of fingers and set a lot of records. But have we really been forced to leap ahead of time? Earth is the greatest thing you will ever do.

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