Priyanka Chopra revealed in UNFINISHED, director advised BUTT and BREAST surgery early in her career


Priyanka Chopra revealed in UNFINISHED, director advised BUTT and BREAST surgery early in her career

Mumbai. Actress Priyanka Chopra, who has won her acting from Bollywood to Hollywood, is also trying her hand in many different businesses. Recently Priyanka has launched her hair care brand. Also, she is going to launch her book Unfinished on 9 February. The actress has given good news to the fans through her Instagram post about this book. Priyanka has posted a video. In which she is seen doing her signature on 200 copies of her book. At the same time, a secret related to Priyanka’s book is also becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which the actress has revealed a lot of shocking.

According to the news, Priyanka Chopra, referring to an incident in her book Unfinished, wrote, ‘When I met a producer / director, after some conversation he asked me to stand and roam, I did that . After staring and staring at me for a long time, the director advised me to get breast and butt surgery. Priyanka has also told that the director told her that if she wants to become an actress, she should undergo butt and breast surgery, only then she will be able to earn a name in the glamor world.

Priyanka Chopra has further written that, ‘I became very uncomfortable after the director spoke like this and I started to think of myself less than the rest. After this, a magazine asked Priyanka why she did not mention this incident till date. On which the actress said, ‘I am in the business of entertainment. Also I needed to be strong in it. When any actor tells you his weakness, then people get involved in trying to degrade him. That is why I kept quiet till now and I never let myself fall.

Priyanka Chopra further said, ‘I kept moving forward by trusting myself. I kept working and these troubles never came before me. Now I have moved ahead of these things and have risen. In today’s time, I can speak openly on all these events. Which I am also doing. This is my story which I have seen from my perspective and am living it as if I want to live it.