Probability of league teams reaching the semifinals

Probability of league teams reaching the semifinals

América, Rayados, Tigres and Pumas are the favorites despite not having much of an advantage, this is how it looks for the quarterfinal return leg.

The quarterfinals were tough in the second leg because the scores were really equal after the first 90 minutes. No team has gained a big advantage and the weekend’s duels aim to be lively, although there are teams that seem to have a greater favoritism to get a victory and qualify for the semifinals.

According to statistics and bets, América, Monterrey, Tigres and Pumas are the favorites to reach the semifinals, this despite the fact that none of them won their first leg matches, but now they have the advantage of closing at home and in front of their fans, which will give them an important emotional boost.

Below, we present the victory probabilities for the second leg quarterfinals and the possible crossovers in the semifinals if the predictions are confirmed.

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After a two-goal tie at the León Stadium, the series will be set this Saturday at the Azteca Stadium, although the Águilas have a slight advantage due to the table position, so if there is a tie in the aggregate score, They will advance to the next round .

For this duel, America has a 63 percent chance to win and, therefore, qualify for the next round. For their part, Nicolás Larcamón’s students have a 17 percent chance of winning as visitors, while a draw can happen up to 20 percent.

The other series this Saturday is between these two teams, where Rayados has a disadvantage on the scoreboard after losing 1-0 at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium in the first leg, so the discussion has been opened on whether Fernando Ortiz will be the helmsman that the people need. in Monterrey.

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However, for the second leg they serve as favorites with a 65 percent chance of winning. For their part, the people of Potosí have only 16 percent to win and a tie can happen with 19 percent.

The Cats and Puebla tied 2-2 in the first leg at Cuauhtémoc Stadium. In that, the advantage goes to those from the north due to their position in the table, as a draw in 90 minutes is enough to enter the semifinals.

Additionally, the Tigers have a 69 percent chance of winning the game. On the other hand, Puebla looks like a victim with only a 16 percent chance of winning and a tie could reach up to 15 percent.

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This is the duel with the closer forecast for the return. In the first 90 minutes, the Rojiblancos won 1-0 against some Pumas who showed a very weak face and completely opposite to the regular round, so now they will change it at home.

Despite everything, Pumas has a 45 percent chance of winning, while Chivas has a 35 percent chance and a tie between the two would be 20 percent. Pumas need to win any CU points to advance.

What will be the result of the semifinals?

In the event that these predictions are confirmed and the clubs favorites come through; That is, América, Monterrey, Tigres and Pumas, the semifinals will be played in the classics, because the Clásico Regio will shake Monterrey and the Clásico Capitalino will make Mexico City shake.