Profeco: fuel is the most expensive in these two cities of Sonora

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At the morning conference, the head of the agency told about the gas station franchises with the highest prices in these areas

During a morning conference call this Monday, February 12, the head of the federal consumer protection agency (Profeco), David Aguilar Romero presented the prices of three types of fuel in Mexico, where one franchise had the most expensive prices in two cities Sonora,

During the section “Who’s Who fuel prices“, Aguilar Romero reported that at the beginning of February, Redco, Chevron and Arco were the brands that earned the most per liter of sales, while Orson, Hidrosina and Exxon Mobil were the brands that had the lowest profit indicators, i.e. “Consumer Ally”.

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Similarly, the owner of Profeco Average prices of three types of fuel were released till February 8, 2024:

  • Magna: 22.81 pesos per liter
  • Premium: 24.41 pesos per liter
  • Diesel: 24.77 pesos per liter

in which cities Sonora What were the highest prices found?

Presented by David Aguilar fuel prices According to the areas of the country where a franchise stood, the prices are the most expensive in Guayas and Hermosillo, with high gasoline prices. premium price And this diesel Respectively.

Gasoline stations with the cheapest prices in the country

As of February 4, the cheapest prices by gas station and fuel type were:

  • Magna: Pemex (Ernestina Nolasco Ordaz), from San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, with 22.38 pesos per liter.
  • Premium: Los Pinos (Super Servicio Fátima), from Saltillo, Coahuila, with 22.99 pesos per liter.
  • diesel: G500 (Servicio Fracionamiento del Sur), from Mérida, Yucatán, with 4.40 pesos per liter.
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Gasoline stations with the most expensive prices in Mexico

  • Magna: Corpogas (Inmobiliaria Corralejo), from Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, with 24.75 pesos per liter.
  • Premium: Arc (Enermar Group), Guaymas, Sonora With 26.79 pesos per liter.
  • diesel: Arco (Corporativo Enervision), Hermosillo, Sonora With 26.36 pesos per liter.

“In gasoline premium price We met Arco from Grupo Enermar, who was again in Guaymas, Sonora “They left with 26.79 pesos per liter, but with a profit of 3.50 pesos,” he said.

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“Now we move on diesel And what is the importance of this fuel in the national economy, and again, we have an Arco franchise, this is from Corporativo Enervision, which pocketed four pesos and 35 cents of the 26 pesos and 36 cents per liter sold . of profit, this in Hermosillo”, He mentioned.

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For LP gas, these were the average prices as of February 7:

  • Cylinder: 19.67 per kg
  • Stationary: 10.62 per liter


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