Professional League: Date 11 begins with Godoy Cruz against Velez. The match between Talares and Union was postponed

Godoy Cruz, one of the entertainers of the Professional Football League (LPF), will receive a Vélez Sarsfield, centered on the Copa Libertadores, at the start of the eleventh day.

The match will be played at the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Mendoza from 8:00 pm, mediated by Pablo Echvarria and broadcast by ESPN Premium. VAR will feature Nicolas Lamolina and Lucas Novelli.

“Tomba” are sixth on 17 points and with a loss in their trip to the Union de Santa Fe (2-1) last Monday they cut a streak of seven unbeaten games between the tournament and the Copa Argentina.

Velez drew in Linears against Huracan (1-1) on Monday and needs to return to victory before Talares can be obtained on Wednesday for the first leg of the Copa Libertadores quarter-finals.

“Fortin” finished 24th with just 8 units, went six games without a win and its final celebration was 1–0 at River Plate in the first leg of the Round of 16 South American tournament.

In the local championship, his only win was on date 4 when he defeated Rosario Central (2–0) in Jose Amalfitani and he still could not add three of the six dates he played as a visitor.

Godoy Cruz, on the other hand, has nine games without a loss with five consecutive wins in Mendoza.

The technical duo, made up of Sergio Gómez and Favio Orsi, expressed their anger after the loss in Santa Fe as the team faced an expulsion in defense, in this case by Guillermo Ortiz. In his place Gianluca would enter Ferrari, who were sent against the Huracán and with River Plate first.

In Velez, “Casik” Alexander Medina gave no indication of the team but the possibility that he would present an alternative team.

Workshops and unions postponed

The game Union was to play with Talares at Mario Alberto Kemps Stadium from 8:00 last night was postponed without a date by the Professional Soccer League (LPF) as a result of a traffic accident caused by the Santa Fe club. Three football players and four assistants were injured when the squad was on its way to Cordoba.

Shortly after noon, the bus carrying the federalist delegation to Cordoba was hit by a truck a few kilometers from the exit of the Casasol property on Highway 19 in Santa Fe, resulting in three players and four assistants injured.

Knowing the medical part, which indicated that “football players Lionel Bucca, Enzo Roldan and Matteo del Blanco suffered head trauma without loss of consciousness and were transferred to a higher complexity center to study”, Requesting an adjournment of the meeting for the afternoon on Saturday is likely and thus will not harm Talares, who will have to visit Velez for the Libertadores quarter on Wednesday.

“While assistants Julian Giraldez, Jose Leconte, Diego Ferrero and Juan Ignacio Chiapino suffered injuries that required their transfers,” completed the report made by the club “Tatengue”.

The LPF acted on the matter immediately and decided to postpone the match to a new date which would be established in due course, also understanding the needs of both the teams.


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