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Proper Cover Letter Spacing: Guidelines and Examples 

There are literally dozens of things to consider when you are looking for a job. And they come long before you decide whether a fixed-term contract will enhance your career or not. You’re going to browse through hundreds of vacancies, looking for the most suitable one. Then, you’ll send your resume, and if it catches the eye of a recruiter, they’ll invite you to an interview.  

You can easily craft a perfect resume if you know the main rules and tips. However, if you don’t want to spend too much time on it, you can always order your resume from one of the online professional resume services, where professionals will do the work for you. Yet, sometimes, you may need a cover letter: 

  • to provide more information on your skills 
  • to explain the gap between jobs 
  • as per an employer’s request. 

Mainly, you should write a cover letter because it allows you to beat the competition. Resumes provide a career overview in brief, while a cover letter allows candidates to expand on their skills and experiences and explain why they’re perfect for this or that position. But you need to be careful with spacing and format. So, let’s check out the spacing rules for composing a cover letter.  

Why Spacing Is Important 

You may wonder why spacing in cover letters matters. The main aspect is the visual lure. The white space on the page attracts readers to the text itself. Besides, spacing creates the so-called “breathing space” between the lines.  

Complete disregard for spacing may make your cover letter unappealing. Thus, spacing is integral to the recruiter/employer’s first impression. The better your cover letter looks, the more inviting it is for readers.  

General Formatting Rules 

In most cases, your cover letter should be single-spaced. It should be in an easy-to-read font, such as Times New Roman, Calibri, Cambria, Georgia, or Arial. Your cover letter should be left-aligned and have space between the paragraphs.  

Basically, it’s just your typical business letter. But you should mind the overall design and consider making it double-spaced if it looks better that way.  

Cover Letter Spacing Examples 

The spacing rules work for all kinds of cover letters. Still, there can be differences in the structure. Sometimes, you are required to write a cover letter afresh and send it as an email message. Other times, you need to send it as a PDF or even as a printed document. So, let’s check out the formatting examples separately.  

Email Cover Letter 

Put your name and the position that you are applying for in the subject of your email. Include “Dear” and “Best/Kind Regards” in the letter. While it may seem old-fashioned and a bit vanilla, it is important for business correspondence.  

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name], 

First Paragraph: Here, you need to mention why you are writing and show why you should be considered for the position. It can go like this: 

I would like to express my genuine interest in the [position] role in [Company’s Name]. For the last [number of years], I’ve been working in a similar position for [current or past Company’s Name]. 

Middle Paragraph: In this section, you expand on what you can offer to the company you’re applying to. Provide a detailed overview of your skills and qualifications. You can allude to certain accomplishments mentioned in your resume.  

Final Paragraph: In this section, you should thank the recruiter/hiring manager for considering you for the position.  

Best Regards, 

Your Name 


[Contact Information] 

Here, you need to add your email address, your phone, and, optionally, links to your work-related social media accounts.  

PDF or Printed Cover Letter Example 

Alternatively to sending your cover letter as an email message, you can attach it with your resume in PDF. As mentioned above, sometimes you’ll have to prepare a printed cover letter. The good thing is that there’s basically only one difference between the PDF and the printed variants of the cover letter. 

In the left upper corner, your PDF/printed cover letter should contain your name, followed by your physical address, phone number, and email address. It should be listed in the following way: 

Your Name 

Street Address 

City, State Zip Code 

Phone Number 

Email Address 

If you’re sending a printed cover letter, you need to skip one space and put the date of sending. You can avoid the date in the PDF variant sent by email, as it will be timestamped automatically. Skip one space after the date, and continue: 

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name], 

First Paragraph: Just like with the cover letter sent as an email message, in the first paragraph, you should mention why you’re writing. Name the position you’re applying for and make a statement about why you may be an ideal candidate.  

Middle Paragraphs: In this section, feel free to elaborate on the value you’re about to bring to the company. Just like when listing accomplishments in your resume, tailoring it for the vacancy, you should make a strong link here between the company’s needs and your skills.  

Mind that instead of making one long block, you can describe your skills in several short paragraphs or even use bullet-pointed lists. If you opt for the short paragraphs, the same rules apply: leave space between each of them.  

Final Paragraph: In the final paragraph, thank the recruiter for considering you for the position.  



In case it’s a PDF cover letter, you should have your signature typed. But if you’re opting for the printed variant, your signature should be handwritten.  

Final Thoughts 

Now you know the main rules of proper cover letter spacing. It is far from being rocket science, but if you’re still doubting how to format it properly, there are numerous cover letter builders online to help you out. 

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