Proponents of Wisconsin marijuana legalization could raise the issue.

Madison, Weiss ( Associated Press) – In Wisconsin, proponents of legalizing marijuana will have the first chance to present their case in a medical hearing on Wednesday, either for medical or recreational services or for both.

This is the first time a Senate committee has been heard. Every Wisconsin marijuana law that has been softened has won a public hearing. In the past, the Republicans, who control the Senate and the House of Representatives, have not allowed any bills to see the light of day.

Outraged marijuana advocates have seen all four neighboring Wisconsin states repeal their laws, making Wisconsin a forbidden island. Recreational marijuana is legal in northern Michigan for Wisconsin and southern Illinois. Both Minnesota and Iowa allow medical marijuana.

According to all reports, 37 states have legalized medical marijuana and 18 have legalized medical marijuana.

Although the hearing provided a new platform for legal advocates in Wisconsin, this does not mean that nothing will change immediately. The legislature is out of business this year, which means that by 2023, any draft legislation will be acted upon very quickly. And for strong legitimacy, the strongest advocates say the Republican-backed bill is far less than it needs to be.

Democrat Sen. Melissa Agard, a staunch supporter of full-fledged law enforcement, said: “In this Wisconsin, we cannot pass legislation that is more than half-baked, inadequate. Statement before the hearing. She plans to testify against the law.

“We have to put all our efforts behind the cannabis legitimacy,” Agarrd said.

The motion was tabled by Republican Senator Mary Felzowski, a cancer survivor and long-time proponent of legalizing medical marijuana. Encourage all who are interested to testify.

This Wisconsin session was a bill from Democrats and Republicans that legalized medical marijuana, and a bill from Democrats that legalized recreational services and destroyed marijuana holdings.

All of these actions came as the Republican-controlled legislature adjourned in February.

Felzowski’s account is limited. For example, medical marijuana does not allow smoking, an agreement it has worked with to obtain support from Republican lawmakers. Democratic Medical Marijuana Bill Allows Smoking.

The trial is set for April 20, also known as “420 days,” an annual marijuana holiday. Felzowski said this was a coincidence and chose Wednesday for the hearing because it was a crowded time.


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