ProPublica's note is false, there is no evidence implicating me: 'Nico', former AMLO driver

ProPublica's note is false, there is no evidence implicating me: 'Nico', former AMLO driver

Nicolas Molinado Bastar also know as nico this excavator today’s president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador made it clear that it is false report of ProPublica where he indicates that he received Wealth of sinaloa cartel For presidential campaign Tabasco native’s election 2006,

Wrong, this is a very wrong note. I found out about this incident last Saturday when Tom Golden found me and made some observations and was happy to grant me an interview (…) I told him it was a wrong note,” he said in an interview. Said. With Joaquín López-Doriga for his place on Radio Formula.

“That we received some (money) is negative. I showed it to him (Golden). He cut all that data in half. He said, “I have nothing against the investigation, on the contrary, it is good that it is investigated so that the people of Mexico and all countries are aware and the politicians take better care of themselves.”

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“These agencies also have to investigate Putin and all the leaders of the world. It’s one thing for them to investigate and another thing for them to tell when there’s solid data that’s actually involved. I don’t see any point in releasing it 18 years later in 2024, and they themselves admit they have no evidence to include me. This makes me doubt this investigation.

López Obrador’s former driver cites article published last week by journalist Tim Golden in the American environment ProPublica in which he revealed that US anti-narcotics agents had reportedly discovered “substantial evidence” that Senertel de Sinaloa, one of the drug trafficking organizations with the largest presence in Mexico, had a role in the Tabasco native’s presidential campaign in 2006. Contributed two million dollars.

According to what was revealed, Molinado, one of López Obrador’s closest associates in the 2000s, may have been involved in deals with this criminal gang.

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Similarly, and based on audio obtained during the investigation by the DEA and the Treasury Department, it was found that members of the criminal organization and people close to López Obrador declared their participation in illicit funding activities.

“I didn’t end up bad with AMLO, I just drew my line”

nico Molinado detailed that he left López Obrador before the 2018 elections, and he moved to live with his family in Mérida, Yucatán.

“We have held Morena assemblies to form a political party, and I said yes with Morena in 2018, if you don’t win, you will be looking for him in 2030 and it’s a never-ending story.” For them, their passion is politics, it is not for me and that is where I decided to stay in Mérida, I chose to go with my family,” he explained.

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She, a former assistant to López Obrador, stressed that she had nothing pending with the founding leader of Fourth Change, and that their relationship ended amicably, without hard feelings.

Andres has one flaw:; He doesn’t like being told no. I finished well, he finished very well. He doesn’t like being told no or being abandoned. I told them ‘I’m leaving’, I had wanted to leave since 2006. I didn’t end up badly, I just drew the line,” he declared.

“Not at all (he has seen AMLO again), at the farm sometimes I have to welcome him without talking. Talk to him, no, not even on the phone. In 2018, through other people, they asked me if I wanted to participate in the work, but it was not my situation, after leaving it and not participating in the campaign, it made no sense for me to join. Not when I was president,” he added. nico,


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