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Protect your mental health with proper nutrition and lifestyle

Mental health is a small world area and many factors contribute to its deterioration. A spectrum of conditions ranging from mild anxiety to debilitating disease is involved, said Dr. Kent Bradley, Director of Herbalife Health and Nutrition.

“While much remains to be understood about the underlying causes of some forms of debilitating mental health, circumstantial factors play an important role. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic is unleashing a global crisis, with short and long-term stress deeply penetrating and affecting the mental health of many.”

Bradley makes sure that promotion and prevention are two alternate ways of dealing with these pictures. There is increasing evidence that these efforts to improve mental well-being; reducing your risk and creating a supportive environment can be effective in detecting

In addition, says the professional, everyone can strengthen their knowledge and skills to recognize and care for their own mental health. Although conditions can be treated with treatment and medication, studies show that balanced nutrition, regular physical activity, and increased social support can offer significant solutions.

The link between nutrition and mental health
What we eat not only feeds the cells of our brain, delights in life and helps to keep a strong mood.

“Nutritional studies have found that the foods we eat have much more complex effects on our mind and complexion. For example, one study found that although depression is often referred to as a strictly mood disorder or disordered emotion, nutrition may play a role in the onset, severity, and duration of depression.” .

This is where an anti-inflammatory diet with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, fish, and whole grains rich in healthy fats and phytonutrients can help. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, healthy food with anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent depressive symptoms, especially among smokers, people, or those with diabetes.

There is also a link between a Mediterranean diet and a lower risk of depression. This diet has a high consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, supported by a moderate consumption of chicken, eggs and dairy, and an occasional intake of red meat.

Kent Bradley states that intestinal problems can also affect mood. “Increasing beneficial bacteria in the gut through probiotics, prebiotics, or dietary changes can improve mood and reduce anxiety. Research shows that not only are our gut microbes the “conscious” brain, but these bacteria can affect our perception of the world and change our behavior.

Other ways to improve mental well-being
Physical activity can have a positive impact on mental health. According to the Mayo Clinic, physical activity releases sensitive chemicals in the brain and, combined with an increase in body temperature, can calm the body and mind. The psychophysical benefits of physical activity can also reduce anxiety and improve mood. In addition, physical activity can help prevent relapse into anxiety and depression when you get better.

Social interaction is an important ingredient for happiness and well-being. Evidence shows that there is a relationship between strong social ties and a longer life, in addition to protecting us against depression at any age. Consistent parental support is said to provide protection against depression in children and adolescents, while spousal support does the same in adults and older adults, says a Herbalife expert.

Keeping an open mind and talking about common mental illnesses like depression and anxiety helps. Sharing knowledge and experiences, talking to someone who has these diseases, or participating in advocacy and awareness activities can help alleviate the stigma and discrimination in society.

“On an individual level, we can take positive steps to protect our mental well-being and help those in our circle of influence. Among them we can mention better nutritional habits or lifestyle, which ultimately improve your mood. At the collective level, the power of the social support system has the potential to transform the healing and well-being of entire communities and in turn generate all sorts of benefits. Healthier communities mean fewer health problems, a more productive workforce, and greater savings in health care costs, Dr. Kent Bradley concludes.

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