Protect your TV from heat! Tips to take care of your electronic devices in summer

¡Protege tu televisor del calor! Consejos para cuidar tus dispositivos electrónicos en verano

Ways to protect television from heat waves

With the arrival of the summer season, it becomes essential to highlight the importance of properly protecting the television from the risks associated with exposure to the sun and high temperatures. During this time of year, rising temperatures and solar radiation can cause considerable damage to electronic devices, especially television screens. This is because increased temperatures and solar radiation can cause serious damage to electronic devices if they are overexposed, including the possibility of permanently burning out screen pixels. This happens because the sun, known for its powerful ultraviolet rays, can directly impact the television, causing permanent damage to the screen pixels and causing internal problems.

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The most common effects resulting from excessive heat are image quality problems, such as reflections, glare, color distortion and loss of contrast, making images difficult to view; Overheating, damage to the screen, appearing as black spots or dark areas on the screen, etc. Isidora Munoz, brand manager of home entertainment at LG Electronics, highlights that “although hotter screens may appear normal to the naked eye, the effects do not occur immediately; “It is a gradual and, in many cases, irreversible process. ”

Strategic location

It is advisable to place the TV in a location where it is not exposed to direct bright sunlight, such as a shady area or a protected wall. You should also avoid placing it in front of windows that allow direct sunlight and make sure there are no reflective surfaces that could increase heat exposure, as well as be sure to select a support surface that will not retain heat. Keeps.

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Adequate ventilation

Make sure there is enough free space around the TV, especially in areas with ventilation openings, and avoid placing objects nearby that may block airflow.

Protective coating

The brand recommends considering the use of a cover specifically designed for televisions in outdoor areas. These covers protect against adverse weather conditions and prevent overheating, as long as the TV is unplugged when not in use, as it continues to consume power when plugged in, even with the screen off. Due to which the temperature may increase.

Viewing time

Avoid using the television during the hottest hours of the day to reduce exposure to direct heat.

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Firmware update

Check if firmware updates are available for your TV. Some updates may include thermal management improvements and performance optimizations.

LG Electronics calls on users to follow these recommendations to ensure the durability and optimal performance of their televisions during the summer season. For more information and to learn more about the care of LG televisions, you can visit their website and their social networks @lg_chile.


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