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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Protest against arrest of singer: 4th day of riots in Spain

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Riots erupted in Spain on Saturday for the fourth day in a row against the arrest of singer Pablo Hazel, who has been making vocal comments in Spain.

The violence was an expression of the ruling coalition ‘s disagreement over the issue.

According to the Associated Press:

Bob Hazel, a Catalonia-based rapper, author and social activist, has spoken out in support of terrorism and banned organizations. This has led to speculation that the actions taken by the Spanish authorities against Ava will erode freedom of expression.

In this context, Ava was arrested on the 16th on charges including disturbing the judiciary, insulting the Spanish royal family, and speaking out in support of terrorism and banned movements. He was sentenced to 9 months in prison.

There is strong opposition to this, including in Catalonia. His supporters continued his violent protest on Saturday for the 4th day in a row.

Including the regions of Catalonia, paaciloniya on polisaa bottles, stones, fireworks and throwing objects, including takkina porattakkarakal.

In some areas large trash cans and other barricades were set on fire to prevent protesters from advancing.

The riots came just hours after Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that violence would never be allowed in Spain.

The far-left ‘We Can’ party, which is part of his Socialist Party-led government, has been backing Badakh Babla Hazel. Because of this, there has been tension within the ruling coalition.

In this context, the Associated Press reports that a violent protest took place in Spain on the 4th day.

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