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Puebla Migrants Face One of Worst Winter Storms in the United States

in the course of Elliotone of the following Largest winter storm in US historyhave experiences poblano migrant, For the most part, those without a fixed income have to face distress, as a lot due to inclement weatherthe jobs in which they are employed are closed, However, the cost of housing, food and health represent unforeseen expenses in their daily lives.

For nearly two weeks, the midwest and north of the neighboring country have been covered by extreme weather, to the point that various entities such as New York, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Georgia and North Carolina, they have declared in emergency.

According to the United States National Weather Service (NWS), the weather phenomenon the country is currently experiencing is affects the lives of 240 million people, Means 70 percent of the population.

To find out how this storm affects the expatriate population living in different parts of that country, eHe Sol de Puebla approached a series of poblanosFrom the perspective of those who lived, one of the coldest storms in United States history.

community health affected by coronavirus

in the city of Chicago, in the State of Illinois, in which there have been several consecutive days with temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees Celsius hector escobarnative poblano De San Martin Texmalucaan and President of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce.

In an interview with El Sol de Puebla, Escobar, who is also the former commissioner of the Puebla Migrant Assistance Office, said that, despite the fact that Cold wave continues in the region In the region in which it resides during this time of year, this last storm has been one of the most extreme storms ever seen since its arrival in that country, more than 40 years ago.

Although for many people the snow represents an element of the Christmas holidays, for people like Hector Escobar it means that the cold will fall with greater intensity. This, in turn, triggers other concerns in the population. the roads become more dangerous And the risks of contracting diseases become more covert.

Living this crisis through 2022 represents an especially large health barrier for the Latino community in the United States, especially since It has been one of the worst affected areas by the COVID-19 pandemicSheds light on the activist of Puebla.

“We are in a very difficult situation at the moment; The pandemic isn’t over, we haven’t recovered from it yet, it’s actually made the health situation more complicated, especially for Latinos, because, as you know, we were among the hardest hit communities during the pandemic. was one of the Now many people are very weak, who have got corona virus, so they have various respiratory problems”Argues.

Therefore, health care became a concern for immigrants to Puebla, especially since their economic contribution is, in many cases, Main financial support for their families in Mexico.

“They worry about their health because they are the only breadwinners for their families in Mexico and really, what they worry about the most is that they are going to get sick and then they can’t support the family, That’s why health is paramount at this time”underline the.

Despite the fact that many people are well aware that the emphasis should be on the prevention of diseases during the last months of the year, no precautionary measures are sufficient for the severe cold in the homes of Mexican immigrants, who are searching for the United States. Left for America to improve their living conditions.

And it’s for many Mexicans and their families Take care of your immune system and treat respiratory conditions, This is something that can only be achieved through the acquisition of warm clothing and the consumption of vitamins and certain drugs that are not necessarily antibiotics, as obtaining specialized medical care is one of the most expensive services in a country that requires Only a fraction of the population can reach it.

According to Escobar, who is one of the leaders of immigrants from Puebla in Chicago, the average cost of a medical consultation, as well as the acquisition of related drugs, is only For pneumonia treatment, it’s about $1,800, Means a little more than 30 thousand Mexican pesos.

The reason for the high cost of these services is due to the fact that with the arrival COVID-19 For most of the world, health centers treat, in the first instance, most respiratory diseases as if they were SARS-CoV-2 until a test confirms otherwise; However, all the processes involved represent a fairly high volume.

As if that weren’t enough, the tirade that former President Donald Trump wreaked against Latin American immigrants from that country left a certain sense of anguish among the Hispanic community, to the point that many believe the hospital Being admitted into urgent care, they may be detained for immigration purposes.

stratospheric cost of existence

While it is true that the return of jobs in the United States has been steady through 2022, the cost of living, especially in the larger cities where the best opportunities are concentrated, is also on the rise.

From Hector Escobar’s point of view, the rise in Food, accommodation and fuel prices This has become one of the main concerns of the Poblana community in Chicago.

As president of his city’s chamber of commerce, he found that products basic basket they up to 300 percent more expensive, This is largely due to chain effects resulting from disruption of supply chains.

For example, in the midst of the winter storm that is currently affecting the country, citizens must face the fact that food items such as milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables, now oscillate between $5, when Each of them costs at first a little more than a dollar.

elsewhere in the country, in the city of Armor, Dakota Del Sur, vivid salvador muñoz40 year old from Puebla, originated from tehuacanwho immigrated to the United States a little less than a year ago.

The conditions there are not much different from those in which Hector Escobar lives, although, in his situation, he says he has faced this crisis in an unfavorable context, as the intense climate prevented work activities like his which is located in construction area.

Since he settled in that small town with barely a thousand inhabitants, his days have been devoted to materializing and maintaining the roofs, a practice known as roofing. This implies that most of its use should be done outside.

However, two weeks ago his employer warned him and his colleagues There will be no more projects in the coming days, Due to the declared winter storm finally reached them.

“They stopped paying me, because here work is by the hour (…) so you must have some of your savings for the pantry,” Says Muñoz in an interview with this publishing house.

Fortunately, his brother, who has been living in the United States for many years, advised him to save money beforehand to face the unforeseen events of the natural phenomenon. However, being newcomers to the country, gathering financial resources was no easy task.

Just in Basic Food Expenses You Should Estimate $250 per weekThis is without counting housing expenses, as well as electricity, gas and other taxes, which amount to about $ 300.

In other words, a person should save at least two thousand dollars a month, which is about 40 thousand pesos, just to survive a winter storm like the one that is currently happening. Of course, this amount does not include medical services or transportation.

risk of negligence

for his part, Angel GomezMigrant originally from the puebla capital Age 36 years and hails from town NY, shares that winter weather on the East Coast of the United States is something everyday for those who live there.

However, this does not mean that many people Forget about the dangers involved in falling snow, With low temperatures and strong winds, especially in terms of road changes and other natural effects such as falling trees, etc.

Despite the fact that the NWS provides alerts to the entire population via cell phones and the media, Christmas celebration forces people to go out Shopping or meeting with loved ones.

The problem is that some highways and roads become slippery and this inevitably causes the car’s tires to have trouble braking, which often leads to an accident. fatal accidents.

Fortunately, from Muñoz’s point of view, social behavior has been generally good this year because, at least in her community, they have been cautious about going out unnecessarily during this season, in addition to the fact that the population has Focused on helping those who are less advantaged.

As of press time, US officials reported Only more than 6 thousand flights canceled Due to prevailing weather conditions across the country. He also warned that this Saturday, in the midst of Christmas Eve, trips made by any means of transport could mean a high risk to the population.

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