Puerto Montt | He was an idol of a historic Chilean soccer club and now he is suffering: “There is still hope”

 Puerto Montt |  He was an idol of a historic Chilean soccer club and now he is suffering:

Rodrigo Viligrón (47) attended AS Chile from Puerto Montt with a happy voice. “Thank you very much for the call, I’m in town for my work,” said ‘Concrypto’, a remembered central midfielder with a career of more than 20 years, which began in 1992 in the albiverde team. Precisely, that institution is now tormenting him. Without a date, Puertomontinos is in the relegation zone of the Second Professional Division.

This Saturday, at 5:00 pm, Puerto Montt (27 points) will visit Unión San Felipe, while Recoleta (also 27 points) will face Santiago Morning in Buin. The goal difference is worse for southerners.

“I’m trying to go to the stadium. In the last games I did not attend, but during the campaign I went to Chinquihue,” said the man who lives in Purranque, the community where he was born.

-And what do you think happened this time?

– It is complicated, difficult. In recent years, Puerto Montt has always fought in the league, last year too, and now finds itself in a completely different scenario, but at the same time with the best also the intention of the previous coaching staff led by Erwin Durán. I don’t think they gave him weapons to fight at the top either. Talking to people close to him, they told me that Durán is a professional coach, a hard worker, but they did not form a competitive team for him to fight at the top of the table. The goal of the club is to maintain itself and, obviously, the players he wanted did not come. Unfortunately, the relegation is now being fought on the last date, but there are shared responsibilities, here the players are really to blame, the coach has a lot to do with it, but the administrative area also has a lot of responsibility.

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– Do you think that maybe the biggest percentage of the blame can come from the administrative area for everything that happened?

– Well, more than guilt, I believe there is a shared responsibility. Obviously, I believe that to begin with, in a football commission, in my personal opinion, there should be people from football or who are involved in the subject of sport. It’s not about arriving and assuming a position with no idea what it means. Suddenly, with these positions here, in recent times the people brought to whom, may have the best intentions, but have no knowledge of the football environment, which player to bring, to ask other institution created as such. But this time of year it’s hard to blame someone. Now the goal is just to try to win and stay in the category, which is quite complicated. But there is still hope.

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-And what do you see in the fans of the city? Do you believe in salvation?

– The true fan is. I hope it can be reversed. There are also pessimistic people, like everyone else. This city is very football-oriented and the club has a lot of history in different categories. Obviously there is sadness, but at the same time there is support. In that sense, the issue is divided. As I said, the true fans, those who are always in the stadium, always support and hope, hopefully the category will continue this year and next and do things well.

– I changed the subject. Do you like modern football?

– At the time I was playing, there was a lot of love for the shirt, but now the issue is business. Back then, it was a very romantic football. Their income was lower than today, but the foreigners who came to the country in those years were extraordinary. Marcelo Espina, Leo Rodríguez, Gorosito, ‘Beto’ Acosta… In Puerto Montt the same thing, reinforcements from the hierarchy arrived. It seems to me that today’s players are more concerned about other things. They want to go abroad without even having played here in Chile and they get dizzy very easily. I think the young people are now settling down a little.

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-How do you see it displayed?

– They are content to reach the first team, to buy a car, to dress well and as if they have achieved everything. I don’t think we used to be like that. The player prepares daily. There were less conditions than now, but football was better then. The young player, in particular, has little ambition.

– Does what is happening in football in Chile hurt you?

– Yes, I have seen many reports, the conversation is complicated. I don’t know much about the subject, but you hear rumors and since you have football friends, the word spreads. So, it’s complicated, it’s bad business. Recently we have seen television reports about the issue of representatives and unfortunately football in Chile is getting dirty.