Pumas 7 defeated Australia and became champions in Cape Town

Pumas 7 defeated Australia and became champions in Cape Town

The Argentina rugby sevens team defeated Australia 45 to 12 (28-0) and became the champion of the Cape Town (South Africa) tournament. in the second round of the Men’s World Rugby Sevens Series (SVNS), organized by World Rugby (WR).

Pumas 7s, who recently finished runner-up in Dubai, the first World Cup event, They won their first title in Cape Town and the seventh for Argentinaafter consecrations in Los Angeles 2004, San Diego 2009, Vancouver 2022, Hamilton 2023, Vancouver 2023 and London 2023.

In addition, with the victory and the early elimination of South Africa, the champion of Dubai, They finished the second round in first place in the overall tablewith 38 units.

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The process of the game was favorable for Santiago Gómez Cora’s team from the beginning, taking advantage of a warning from Australian captain Nick Malouf, to score three consecutive tries and seal a 21-0 run in conversions by Joaquín Pellandini. Germán Schulz, Santiago Mare and Marcos Moneta led the conquests.

At the end of the first half, Matías Osadczuk scored the fourth try and Pellandini established a partial score of 28 to 0.

In the second half, Nathan Lawson and Dietrich Roache scored for Australia (28-12), but Osadczuk, Tomás Elizalde and captain Santiago Álvarez Fourcade scored in the final 45-12.

The third round of the World Cup will be held between January 26 and 28, 2024, in Perth, Australia.

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This new SVNS consists of seven tournaments and a final series where the champion of the season will be determined.

The SVNS lasts seven months, and consists of 12 selected teams, these are Argentina, New Zealand, Great Britain, South Africa, United States, Ireland, Fiji, Samoa, Australia, France, Spain and Canada.

Those teams will score points in the first seven rounds. After the Sevens in Singapore, the eight best will reach the Grand Final in Madrid to fight for the season crown, while the other four teams (from 9th to 12th place) will try to stay in their category .

Those bottom four will play the top four from the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series; and the four best from that repechage will enter the SVNS main draw next year.

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