Puma’s self-criticism after final loss to Australia at the start of the Rugby Championship

Puma's self-criticism after final loss to Australia at the start of the Rugby Championship

evening falls Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Mendoza and, while australian Celebrating a 41-26 win against Los Pumas in moderation, the faces of the Argentine players explain the gloom of the missed opportunity. Positive first half, with good signs in the game debacle finalWith 11 penalties and a defense in a short time that didn’t respond.

“Hot balance is sometimes not the best. There were good things and suddenly we entered a rut with a lot of indiscipline, which you pay dearly against very good teams like Australia. he took advantage of the situation”, he analyzed after the meeting was over. Felipe Contepomi, Back Coach for Puma. The former center highlighted the shots and solidity of the first hour of the match, but lamented the discrepancy: “The boys are confident and they are not afraid to do the game we want, the point is to be able to do it for 80 . minutes. The game lasts for 80 minutes and we have to play all 80. This is the growth we want to achieve. Don’t stick with 60″.

Contepomi, who joined Michael Chica’s staff after passing through Leinster, one thing is clear: Cougar Claw is not enough and to beat rivals of this stature, you have to be fine in the game: “It is not enough by attitude alone, Boys have a desire to play, but that’s not enough: you have to be more detailed, improve on the details, and seek excellence. We know that we are judged by the result, but we are judged not so much by what is done in training and whether we can transfer that to the match. If we achieve that, we’ll probably get good results.”

Pumas leave the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Mendoza after defeating Australia for the Rugby Championship
Pumas leave the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Mendoza after defeating Australia for the Rugby ChampionshipMarcelo Aguilar – The Nation

Unlike what happened in the previous presentation against Scotland, when Puma cooled down in the final leg, this time they took a turn and were unprepared for the task. “We took too many penalties, we didn’t make good decisions at crucial moments. Three Maul attempts are unacceptable at this stage”, sentenced Michael Chica, trying to convey some words in Spanish. The Australian, who was across the road from behind the Wallabies in a game in Salta four years ago, this time lamented the opportunity that slipped: “Australia put a lot of pressure on us and we played different situations individually tried to solve. , We have to learn to win games that were controlled for 50 minutes.

After missing the last Test against Scotland due to injury, Julian Montoya He reappeared in the starting team and was one of Puma’s figures for his tenacity in defence, his aggression in contact and firmness in fixed formations. His departure coincided with the moment the Argentine team blew the air and didn’t make a leg up. “We have to look at the things we did well and rectify the things we did wrong for the next week. It was observed that we gave several simple penalties which depend on us, for not following the strategy, for offside…things that we can avoid and that are easy to fix. At this stage we cannot give ourselves those licenses. We have to keep working and trust the process”, said the captain.

Best match between Puma and Australia for the Rugby Championship

in the last few minutes, emiliano boffelli He missed a penalty that would have given Puma a chance to return to the game. However, after a good season in Edinburgh the wing again showed positive signs in their goal and finished with 16 points. Rosario also analyzed the factors of decline in the final section: “we were so confused, We stopped playing and it didn’t give us patience in defense and double tackles that we talk about a lot. And also indiscipline, we all know it’s very important and motivate them to play on our ground.” Just like Contepomi, the 42-cap player in the national team said the idea goes beyond numbers, strengthens the game. “It’s a challenge for us not to look at the result. We talk about it a lot. The inevitable punishments were due to not being patient and keeping hold and not continuing what we did in the first half. ” The next week, revenge is set against the same opponent, in San Juan.

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