Pumas and Necaxa ended the fourth matchday activity of the Clausura 2024 tournament with a 2-2 draw. Ulises Rivas and Lisandro Magallanes were in charge of the scoring for the Cats, while Edgar Méndez and Jose Paredella equalized twice for the tour.

These were the goals of the Pumas Vs. Necaxa

During the first 45 minutes of the duel between the Cats and Rayos, Ulises Rivas was in charge of opening the scoring. The Mexican midfielder made it three in a row by taking advantage of a shot from Eduardo Salvio. This stroke hit the post and Rivas eventually ordered the ball to be saved.

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In the second half, Edgar Méndez, Lisandro Magallanes and José Paredella were in charge of filling the Olympic University Stadium with emotions. This was achieved through several plays, leaving the score at 2–2 due to a poor defensive performance from the Pumas.

In the 49th minute, Eduardo Fenenes’ team got a 1-1 lead due to a mistake by Adrian Aldrete. An errant shot from Aldrete towards Nathan Silva was stopped by Spanish striker Edgar Méndez. Despite Julio González’s efforts, the Europeans equalized the score.

After this, Lisando Magallanes took advantage of his height and excellent serving from Eduardo Salvio to once again give the University Students the lead (2-1). However, Gustavo Lema’s team did not enjoy this advantage for long.

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By the 54th minute, a lack of concentration from the Pumas in a defensive transition resulted in Argentine striker José Pardella equalizing the score at 2–2. With this score, the Cats placed fifth in the general table with seven points, one less than Rayos (fourth with eight points).

Necaxa was left with one less

The university students did not take advantage of the expulsion of Jair Cortés, who was sent off for a double yellow less than a minute after entering the field of play. He came on at 78′ and went straight to the locker room at 79′.