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Putin’s chief propagandist threatens to destroy Britain with a nuclear tsunami

West would probably not even notice the start of “Poseidon”.

In any case, “Poseidon” is not an invention of Putin’s chief propagandist Kiselyov. The approximately 20 to 24 meter long, unmanned vehicle first became known to the public in 2015. According to Russian information, the nuclear-powered underwater drone can dive to depths of up to 1,000 meters and travel several thousand kilometers – making the weapon virtually uninterceptable. “Poseidon” could be launched like a torpedo and travel a programmed route at high speed before its warhead detonates.

You can see how the underwater weapon works here in the video.

According to Russian information, “Poseidon” can be equipped with nuclear warheads with an explosive power of up to 100 megatons of TNT – that would be twice as much as the “Vanya” hydrogen bomb detonated by Russia in 1961, the largest explosive device ever detonated. For comparison: the atomic bomb dropped by the USA on Hiroshima in 1945 had a yield of 13 kilotons of TNT, so the explosion of a “Poseidon” warhead would be about 7,700 times more powerful. Since “Poseidon” does not produce a launch flash like, for example, an ICBM, Western military might not even register its launch.

This Russian Photo From 2018 Is Supposed To &Quot;Poseidon&Quot; Show On A Test Drive: The Unmanned Vehicle Should Be Able To Cover Thousands Of Kilometers Autonomously.
This Russian photo from 2018 should show “Poseidon” on a test drive: The unmanned vehicle should be able to cover thousands of kilometers autonomously. (Source: imago-images-pictures)

“It will take novel weapons to intercept them”

“Poseidon” won’t be operational until the mid-1920s at the earliest, writes military expert Jill Hruby, referring to the necessary modifications to Russian submarines and ongoing tests with the torpedo’s nuclear propulsion system. The naval expert HI Sutton also considers the statement of 100 megatons of explosive force to be far exaggerated, more realistic are more realistic estimates of around two megatons of explosive force. Of course, that wouldn’t be enough to generate a 500 meter high tsunami.

Nevertheless, NATO must include “Poseidon” in its strategic considerations, according to Sutton: “‘Poseidon’ is a new type of weapon that threatens entire coastal cities and also Great Britain as a whole. It will also need new types of weapons to intercept them.”

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