Putin’s fifth term? The outlook for the 2024 presidential election in Russia is starting to move

 Putin's fifth term?  The outlook for the 2024 presidential election in Russia is starting to move

In four months, Russia will go to the polls to elect the next president. This is the first day of mid-term elections in Ukraine, which is two years old in 2024.

Vladimir Putin, in power since the beginning of this millennium (he was prime minister between 2008 and 2012), is the favorite to remain in office, although he has not yet confirmed whether he will be a candidate, since the offensive, the little that the advance of His troops in the neighboring country and the economic blockade reduced his favoritism.

The truth is that he can be re-elected and, apparently, he left announcing his candidacy for the March elections until December. This will be his fifth term after the constitutional law was approved in 2021 that will allow him to stay in office for two more terms of six years, giving him the possibility to continue in power until 2036.

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Analysts questioned the purpose of the election in a country where most opposition leaders were imprisoned or forced into exile.

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Boris Nadezhdin, one of the few Russian politicians to have announced his intention to run, called the war Putin’s “fatal mistake” and ending it was his priority. At the opposite extreme is Igor Girkin, a pro-war who has also announced his intention to run, even though he has been jailed on extremism charges for criticizing Putin’s way of waging war, saying he is “good very” of the Ukrainians.

Although they are the most vocal opponents, it is unlikely that they will contest the presidential election because the Central Electoral Commission has the final say and, like all political power in Russia, the Kremlin controls it.

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Even without notice, Putin is “acting” to achieve the greatest possible support in the polls. According to Ukrainian military intelligence, on Tuesday, the president ordered to intensify the compulsory allocation of Russian passports to residents of the occupied territories of eastern and southern Ukraine, so that they can vote in the Russian presidential election.

The Kremlin has already declared these regions part of Russia, so their residents will be called to the polls in the next election.

“The meeting was led by the deputy head of the administration of the Russian dictator Putin, Sergei Kirienko,” Kiev military intelligence (GUR) said in a statement.

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Kirienko, in addition to ordering the delivery of passports, was also asked to put a whole campaign about the “good moment of the Russian economy and the quality of life” and with it, increase social aid to the occupied regions to attract voters. However, the government and civilians who arrived on the territory of Ukraine from the territories criticized that Russia only provides social benefits to those who accepted Russian nationality.

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Anticipation continues about Russia’s first wartime election. Putin was first elected president in 2000 and served two four-year terms. He was prime minister while his ally, Dimitri Medvedev, succeeded him between 2008 and 2012. Medvedev extended the terms to six years. Putin ran again, won in 2012, and was re-elected in 2018.