Putin’s spokesman reveals which country they will attack

Putin's spokesman warns they are ready for a new war and reveals which country they will attack

After rumors about the alleged death of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin due to cardiac arrest, his spokesman Vladimir Solovyovissued a strong warning about the Kremlin’s plan to strike a new blow now against one power on Europewhere they plan to carry out the same operation they carried out on February 24 in Ukraine.

Solovyov assured that Russia will eventually control an important European country that is part of the Group of 8 where the world’s leading powers meet. “Russia” at the end conquer Germany”, assured one of the Kremlin propagandists for the Russian state media Russia-1.

Will World War III begin?

A spokesman for the former KGB agent maintained that the attack on Germany would create a World War III; However, they assured that they are ready to face a new attack. Germany is Russia’s new goal since it was given away millions of dollars with help ukraine con ARMS to face the attacks of the Russian Army in their country, according to information from the Daily Star.

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In the same way, Vladimir Solovyov declared that Russia will finish and not leave Germany: “After a while we will give them everything they need. So we have no choice. We will finish, we will take Berlin once more and this time we will not leave,” he said while stressing:

“If Germany remains ruled by the Nazis, Germany will suffer the same fate as whenever anti-Russian rulers rule Germany. It always ends with a Russian soldier entering Berlin. “

Has Germany come under Russian rule?

After the Second World War, the former Soviet Union, which was part of the allies against Adolph Hitler, dominated East Germany by being part of the signed peace agreements for the end of the armed conflict. Russia’s intervention in Germany lasted 40 years from 1949 to 1989.

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Vladimir Solovyov’s announcement comes days after Putin’s alleged death, which has been kept a state secret since the doctors who treated him were released after being held captive. It is believed that one of the two doubles of the Russian president took his place as they have done in recent years in public affairs, because the health of the former KGB agent is complicated.