Quarterback rankings after Week 12

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In general, the level of quarterbacks in NFL Week 12 wasn’t pretty. Sure, two quarterbacks surpassed the 90-point barrier in Total QBR, in tenth, but there were three quarterbacks in single digits.

The next date may bring us several position changes, including New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns and New York Jets for starters.

Jordan Love broke out for the Packers, but Tim Boyle didn’t do much to get the Jets out of their Week 12 misery. 


The Packers quarterback stood out with a performance of 22 of 32 attempts for 268 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions, in addition to adding three carries for 39 yards in their Thanksgiving Day duel, one of which he did not throw. – suffer from a sack. Love was one of two passers on the day above the 90-point barrier in Total QBR, with a 90.5, helping a lot with a 7.3 percent completion rate above expectations, the sixth-best number of the season. league, and seventh in terms of average yards per pass attempt, with 8.4. In the end, he was the tenth best quarterback in terms of passing yards on the day.

The leader of the Cowboys offense shined again with four touchdown passes and no interceptions, part of Thanksgiving Thursday that included 22-of-32 completions for 331 yards. His Total QBR of 87.0 is fourth best in the league, and he ranks second in completion rate above expectations at 8.5 percent. Where no one is better than Prescott is in average yards per pass attempt, with 10.3, in addition to the fact that he is fourth in yards per pass production for the date, on top of the fact that he has not been sacked in his afternoon. . Weeks passed and Prescott continued to put up respectable numbers.

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The Philly quarterback bounced back from a miserable first half to have one of the brightest days, with three touchdown passes and two rushing touchdowns against one interception. He was also the victim of a lost fumble, but connected on 18 of his 31 passes for 200 yards, leading Philadelphia to an overtime victory with a touchdown run that was part of his 14 carries for 65 yards against the Bills. .

For most of the game, Allen looked better than Hurts, though not by much. Before that, the Bills quarterback completed 29 of 51 pass attempts for 339 yards with two touchdowns and one interception, and ran the ball nine times for 81 yards with two touchdown. Allen posted the sixth-best Total QBR on the day, an 83.1, and was the second-most productive passer on the day. Before his matchup against Hurts, no game in league history had opponents scored more touchdowns on the ground and thrown more touchdowns in the air, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Overshadowed by other bigger-name quarterbacks, Stafford threw four touchdown passes against one interception as part of a performance Sunday that included completing 25 of 33 pass attempts for 229 yards and zero. sacks against. Stafford also ranked fifth in expected completion rate, with 7.6 percent, and fifth in Total QBR with 85.2, in the win over Arizona that kept the Rams alive in the postseason hunt.

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Smith had a tough time going into the week with the fourth lowest Total QBR, a 14.9, after connecting on 18 of his 27 attempts for 180 yards with no touchdowns and one interception, in addition to -suffer six sacks. He was the starting quarterback with the seventh-fewest yards in the air on the day with a total that, obviously, wasn’t enough against the Niners’ defense.

At a rate of 26.9 percent, no one threw more inaccurate passes on the day than DTR, who also posted a Total QBR of just 34.6, 10th lowest in the entire NFL. Thompson-Robinson completed the league’s lowest percentage of passes, 48.3 percent, after finding targets on just 14 of his 29 attempts for just 134 yards, the second-lowest total among starters at the end of the season. week. At 4.6 yards per pass attempt, he’s second in yards per pass average, and he’s also the eighth-worst quarterback in completion rate above expectations, at -6.3 percent.

Dobbs was a consistent delivery man on “Monday Night Football,” throwing four interceptions against the Bears. That helped him earn a Total QBR of 19.3 that was the sixth-lowest on the week, one in which he completed 22 of 32 passes for 185 yards, the ninth-fewest among starting quarterbacks. Minnesota is now weighing whether to continue relying on Dobbs to control its offense, or make a change at the helm.

Speaking of changes at the helm, Jones could be seeing his last start for New England in 2023, if not too close to that. He achieved a Total QBR of 7.2, the second-worst in the entire NFL, after completing 12 of 21 passes for 89 yards, a ridiculous total — and the lowest in the entire league – for a professional quarterback. Before being replaced by Bailey Zappe in the game, he threw two interceptions without a touchdown, and had the fifth lowest completion rate and ranked last in completions in the expectation metric at -14.0 percent. With a 25.0 percent inaccurate pass rate, he was second-worst on the weekend, and he was also second-last in terms of average yards per pass, with 4.2, surpassing only his replacement Zappe in the league.

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For the second week in a row, the worst quarterback in the league is wearing a Jets uniform, although this time it’s Boyle and not Zach Wilson like the day before. The backup nomad put the ball in the air 38 times, completing 27 of them, for 179 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions — one returned 99 yards for an opponent’s touchdown — and was sacked seven times in his game, in addition to two loose. balls. Boyle ranks last in Total QBR with 4.6, and his 4.7 yards per pass attempt is the fourth-best average in the league, plus only five starting quarterbacks have thrown for fewer. yards than him. Now, we’ll have to wait to see how many more turns New York’s quarterback carousel takes.