Wages are delayed even in the non-unionized private sector


Quebec government employees lag behind in wages compared to the private sector and even compared to the non-unionized private sector. The workers are the most affected.

This is revealed in the report from the Institute of Statistics of Quebec, which every year compares the wages of public administration employees to other categories of workers.

It turns out that if we consider only the salary, Quebec administration employees are 14.2% behind the private sector (unionized and non-unionized combined) and 16.6% behind compared to the private sector. -unionized combined).

Even compared to the non-unionized private sector, they lag behind by 12.2% for wages alone.

In fact, if we only consider salaries, Quebec government employees lag behind the private sector, the unionized private sector, the non-unionized private sector, the university sector, the municipal sector, and the federal administration. , in public enterprises, to all other unionized employees in Quebec and to all other non-unionized employees in Quebec.

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When it comes to total compensation — which takes into account salaries, benefits, vacation and the normal work week — the picture is more nuanced.

They are equivalent to the private sector (unionized and non-unionized combined) and 7.4% behind other employees in Quebec (unionized and non-unionized combined).

For example, the normal working week is 35.8 hours in the administration of Quebec, while it is 37.4 hours for the category of other employees in Quebec.

Job categories

Workers are the most affected by these delays. Compared to their private sector counterparts, they lag behind by 36.8% in salary and 25.7% in total compensation.

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Next comes office workers, who lag behind by 17.1% in their salary compared to the private sector, then technicians who lag behind by 15.3% in their salary compared to their private sector colleagues.

In the case of professionals, the salary gap between the Quebec administration and the private sector reaches 13.7%.

Again, if we look at total compensation, which includes leave, benefits, and the length of the normal work week, rather than salary, the picture is less clear.

The common front was not surprised

The public sector inter-union common front concluded that this report confirms that “salary catch-up is urgent” in the Quebec administration.

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“In the current context, our networks must be attractive. The purpose of negotiations is to attract and retain staff. As we know our world will leave for other sectors with more profitable ones situation – in the municipal, federal and in the large union companies in particular – we expect the government to act like a chosen employer and take inspiration from the best,” he commented. .