Quebec will use the gag order to pass Bill 15

Quebec will use the gag order to pass Bill 15

Minister Christian Dubé’s mega-reform of the health system should be adopted today if not tomorrow thanks to the unique legislative procedure, often called “gag”. So this means that the hundreds of articles that have not been studied by the parliamentary committee will be adopted as such.

Christian Dubé listened to the proposals of the opposition for 238 hours, do you think it is necessary?said Prime Minister François Legault while going to the Salon bleu this morning for the question period.

His government offered the opposition to extend the session for a week to continue the detailed study of the bill by the parliamentary committee, on the condition that they agree to return to the House for a final vote on Thursday or Friday, but in vain

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The proposal was rejected, the other parties refused to conclude an agreement with the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) which means a deadline for the adoption of the legislative piece, which they want to continue to develop.

Today’s debates are expected to continue into the evening, or even tomorrow. In the House, the Liberal health spokesman, André Fortin, spoke of the debates that could last 3, 4, 5 pm.

According to our information, the exception procedure should be implemented this afternoon. Opposition parties were summoned at 3 p.m.

Minister Dubé’s bill contains 1,200 articles, making it one of the most impressive pieces of legislation in the province’s history.

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It mainly aims to create the Santé Québec agency, which will inherit the management of the operations of the public network to allow the ministry to concentrate on the main orientations.

But this is not the only bill the government wants to pass by Christmas. Bill 31 on housing, which mainly plans to end lease transfers, is also the subject of intense negotiations between the CAQ and other parties represented in the National Assembly.