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Quick guide to understanding the colors of your Echo devices

If you are one of those who have one or more Echo devices at home – whether for use with Alexa or just for the sake of having one speaker at home – you’ve probably seen them glowing in different colors and don’t know what’s happening or what to do. Don’t worry, in this article we’ll explain what it all is Colors of your Echo devices and what you should do in each case.

Echo devices are “smart,” meaning they are always connected to the internet. Because of this, there are times when they receive Automatic updates without us being able to do anything about it, and there are times when from time to time they start to show colors that are not their usual ones.

What Echo Device Colors Mean

In fact, there are many colors your Echo devices can look like, and a solid color doesn’t mean the same as a flashing color. That’s why we’re going to see them all and tell you what they mean and what you should know or do. in any case (since in some cases you don’t have to do anything).

  • Flashing yellow: This is the second most common situation you will face and it can mean several things:
    • Amazon shipping: If you purchased something from Amazon’s online store, the color ring on Echo devices may flash yellow when a package arrives.
    • Memories Note: If you are one of those who use the Alexa assistant to create reminders, Echo devices may flash amber if there are past memories that you have not removed.
    • Contact messages: Additionally, if you have contacts on Alexa and they have messaged you, Echo devices will flash yellow to let you know that there are messages you haven’t seen yet.
  • Green: This is another of the most common colors an Echo device can light up, and depending on whether the light is flashing or rotating in the color ring, it can mean one thing or another:
    • Flash: means you have an incoming call on an Echo device.
    • Turn: This means you have missed calls. The turnaround speed depends on how many missed calls you have.
  • Rojo: Red usually means “bad deal” on most devices, and on the Echo this is no exception as it means the device isn’t listening to you for some reason, usually because you pressed the physical mute button. Microphone, but also because the device may have lost its internet connection.
  • Orange: Like green, its meaning depends on whether it is spinning or flashing.
    • Flash: This usually happens when you factory reset the device by pressing the action and microphone buttons at the same time for 20 seconds.
    • Turn: indicates that the device is in configuration mode or trying to connect to the Internet.
  • Purple violet: This constantly flashing color means that an error occurred in the device configuration. If the blinking happens every few seconds and not that often, it means it is in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Blanco: The white color indicates that you have adjusted the volume either using the buttons or using the app. It may also happen that it turns white, and in this case it means that you have activated Away mode.
  • Azul: This is the most common color you’ll see on an Echo device, and depending on how it’s lit, it means one thing or another:
    • Turn: Alexa listens to you, usually because you said her name followed by a command.
    • Flash: This means that the device will receive an automatic update.
    • Monochrome: This is one of the worst situations you can find yourself in as it is known as the “Blue Ring of Death”. This means that there are problems with the device’s firmware or software and you are usually forced to reset the device to factory settings or force a firmware update via the app to solve the problem.
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