Racial and religious tensions were high in the French presidential race

PARIS ( Associated Press) – From “vigilante” attacks to mosque attacks, the French presidential campaign is particularly challenging for voters and religious minorities, because the term “other” has become so popular in French society. .

French voters are set to go to the polls on Sunday in a run-off election between incumbent President Emmanuel Macron and his main rival, Marine Le Pen.

When Penn suggested that women not wear Muslim hats in public, women such as 19-year-old student Naila Ozaarf were under intense scrutiny.

“I want a president who accepts me as a person,” said Oscarf, wearing a beige gown and a headband. Lepen said she would break the law if she became president and would eventually pay the fine.

Macron lashes out at Lepen over headscarf But the election brought Le Penn closer to Macron than it was five years ago. And in the first round, right-wing extremists Le Pen and Eric Zemur together garnered nearly a third of the vote.

France has no strong data on the race or religion of the electorate because its doctrine of color blindness encourages all citizens to look and feel like French.

The Le Pen National Rally party, formerly known as the National Front, has links to neo-Nazis, Holocaust opponents and militias opposed to the French colonial war against French colonial rule. Le Penn has previously isolated and frustrated her public image, but the program’s main focus is on prioritizing security over French citizens over security, which critics see as institutional discrimination. She also hopes that Muslim women will not be allowed to wear a headscarf, which will reduce strict asylum rules and persecution.

She has won a seat among voters since 2017 when she was severely defeated by Macron. During this time, Le Pen focused on policies to help the poor.

Thanks to Le Pen, she came in fourth in the first round to give Zemor a smoother look. Singing has been repeatedly accused of inciting racial or religious hatred and spreading the theory of “great substitute” conspiracy theories used by white supremacists in the New Zealand Church of Christchurch, El Paso, Texas and California.

“The presence of Eric’s song has put the issue (of Islam and immigration) on a pedestal,” Cecil Aldi, a Stanford semiologist who studied the Zimmor language, told the Associated Press. “In the meantime, the values ​​of humanity are declining. Words like equality, human rights, the fight against discrimination, or gender are politically correct or ‘conscious’ by many in the media, public figures and current government ministers. . ”

Some experts and anti-racist groups in France are guilty of the current climate because the administration has passed laws and language that echo some of the right-wing slogans in support of Penn.

Racist and Police Attacks in France, a long-running protest against racism and color-blindness, have been a source of concern for President Macron during a series of protests in France over the death of George Floyd.

In addition, under Macron’s supervision, France imposed a state of emergency in support of the state of emergency, which began in 2015 following attacks on the Bataklin Theater, Paris cafes and the Charlie Hebdo newspaper. This extended the government’s right to inspect and control people in the name of counter-terrorism, to control movement, and to close some schools and places of worship.

Human rights activists warn that the law is discriminatory. Amnesty International writes: “In some cases, Muslims may be targeted for their religious activities, which are considered ‘extremist’ by the authorities, without proving to be a threat to public order.”

A.D. In 2021, the government passed a law calling Macron “separatism” by Muslim extremists, extending the government’s control over associations and places of worship. The regulator argued that the scope of the law was too wide.

Abdurahman Riduwen first saw this. In February, he was visited by two police officers who announced the closure of his mosque in the southwestern city of Pesak, Bordeaux. Authorities criticized the mosque’s criticism of “state Islam” and “provocative” and “justified” Muslim and anti-Israeli pro-Palestinian posts on social media.

“I’m really sorry I didn’t qualify for a democratic government,” Ridouane told the Associated Press. He won an appeal against the state’s decision. The appellate court concluded that the closing was “a serious and illegal violation of religious freedom.” The province, which is expected to rule on Thursday, has taken the case to the French Supreme Court.

Criticism of “Islamophobia” and “extremism” in the wake of France’s attack on the United States’ macroeconomic ideology has intensified.

However, there are no research institutes in French universities for racial or colonial studies, as they are viewed in contrast to the French Universe. Critics say the doctrine would allow authorities to address the deep-seated discrimination in France’s capital and in overseas non-white French territories.

Nasira Gunef, a professor of anthropology and sociology in Paris, said: “The choice is in this climate. VIII University focuses on race and gender.

On the left, meanwhile, “denial prevails,” said Guenif, because many left-wing French voters are “uncomfortable with race because they think racism makes you racist.”

Despite concerns over Macron’s actions, the director of the Pesak Mosque did not hesitate to decide in the second round.

“If Le Pen could take power games, it would be worse than what we have seen,” Ridow said.


Ellen Ganley contributed to this report.


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