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Fernando Gago is known to few beginners. Actually, many. For the coach, there are more than 11 players who can take the field. His methods lead to debate and debate. It not only strengthens a team to find regularity but at the same time it motivates the whole army. This reading, of course, in a general scope. However, there is a hierarchical player in this circle of trust that is yet to take strong steps. Johan Carbonero is having a hard time getting into racing from gymnasia. Although he enters, and it was also his first change against Barracas, the Colombian does not stand out. Even then…

Sources very close to the coaching staff admitted to Racing d’Alma that Johann Carbonero had already started asking for a track in the final exercises. They notice it much looser, sharper and face-to-face. Now, of course, she should start performing in matches as she did in gymnastics. Always lying on his left side, he dizzy the functions he attended during the week and, he says, should have been more than a significant substitute for Gago in a very short amount of time. It so happens that there is no firm owner of this position. At the current of the racing, Chankle is very low, Carbonero himself let go of the opportunity, Cardona does not go from the start and Houche plays better on the right. El Demonio, the starter for Pintita, moved from the right to make room for Rojas, a figure against Tigre but with a low level against Barracas.

Carbonero in Racing
Colombian wants more minutes.

It is worth remembering that Johann Carbonero was the maximum investment made by Racing in this transfer market. He came to the academy to buy 75% of the pass for $3,800,000, a very high figure for the country’s economic context and for Argentine football. The other percentage is from Caldas, a bar in Colombia. The striker signed with a termination clause of $18,000,000 until December 2026.

What Gago asks Carbonaro since he got into racing

Players help Gago in messages to the Colombian so that he can improve an aspect when the team does not have the ball. Racing football players often talk to Carbonaro to make a great sacrifice in deploying him backwards, aiding in the recovery of the ball. He saw that the attitude he showed in this sense was not enough for him. In the game system, which Pintita declares on a consistent post-defeat pressure basis, players who do not follow the force to setbacks and presses are exposed. And this has happened with the cafetero in the matches he had to play.

Due to his lack of commitment to collaborating on the brand, Enzo Coppetti went insane and reprimanded him in the middle of the match against Arsenal. Eugenio Mena did not like Tank’s reaction and argued with him as soon as the tie ended. After that game, Carbonero’s minutes dropped significantly. Perhaps a slap on the wrist that had already happened after the game against Barracas.


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